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Have Hollywood Celebrities Affected our use of Botox?

It’s almost become a punchline in most sitcoms we get out of Tinseltown, but whenever we hear of a celebrity, we’re also hearing about the use of Botox. So, is the use of Botox actually common in Hollywood?

First, let’s look more at the history of Botox. Botox was approved for FDA use nearly thirty years ago in 1991. It was originally intended to be used for more serious facial defects, but it’s effectiveness in cosmetic procedures soon raised it to its current reputation for wrinkle-prevention. Since then, it’s been seen as the most effective way to keep your face young-looking and wrinkle-free.

But, do that many celebrities use it? Just about every person over thirty in Hollywood has used Botox at one time or another. The truth is that it really is true that no one is going to look that good at fifty, then sixty, and then seventy, without a little help! Although many celebrities are still a little reluctant to admit just how much they rely on Botox to keep them freshened up, the evidence of it is pretty well everywhere.

Now that celebrities have admitted to the use of cosmetic procedures, or at least to some extent, what does that mean for the rest of us? Well, it does open it up for the rest of us, yes, but not entirely for the reasons you think.

The common person does see the advertisements for Botox and knows that it’s just as available to them now as anyone else. But, the ability to buy it is not enough. People need to know that it’s okay to buy something.

Let’s face it, it wasn’t that long ago that the mere mention of the procedure elicited shocked reactions from friends and family. That was the perception of Botox for many years, but now it’s actually the celebrity that’s made it okay for us.

It seems like that’s a contradictory statement to make, but it is true. By talking about this procedure to the world, they actually introduced it to people’s homes through all of those screens out there! That’s why it’s become okay for the average person to use it.

If there’s anything that’s true of people is that the more familiar people are with something, the more likely they are to accept it. It is, after all, ignorance thatbreeds fear. In the case of celebrities, they’ve made Botox knowable, and therefore, acceptable to the rest of us.

It’s not only that, however, that drives people to get the treatments. A part of this is motivated by the influence celebrities exert on us. People will go out and buy products that a celebrity has endorsed. They will buy perfumes and colognes that celebrities release as part of their own brand. They will buy clothes with pictures of those same celebrities on them! So, is it a surprise that they just might get Botox if a celebrity they like gets it as well? Who can say for sure, but they have certainly had an influence on people and Botox, if for no other reason then letting people know about it!

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