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Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

In recent years, we are a living testament that artificial intelligence has really come a long way. Computers and other electronic devices can now provide suggestions to queries keyed in search engines.

The fact that machines are now using specific algorithms to do most of the work, it allows marketers and business owners provide better products and services to their clients with ease. No one understands how algorithm works. Taking an example of Google, its algorithm is so complex that not even its creators understand it.

Text mining is the technology behind Artificial Intelligence. Text mining us where by information is ingested, classified, categorized and made sense of.

Artificial intelligence has made a huge impact on content marketing. Below are a few ways in which artificial intelligence has greatly impacted content marketing:-

  • Automatically generates content

With the kind of technology that has been seen in recent times, there are a couple of times you have unknowingly read stories that been generated by AI algorithm

Believe it or not, for years, machines have been generating content. For that reason, some reputable companies have been using them to generate content.

  • Enables chatbots to interact with users

Chatbots are basically computer programs that are specifically designed to mimic conversations undertaken by human beings. Their main purpose is to answer client query and their concerns in real time.

Other chatbots are specifically designed to send certain messages when a consumer or new client initiates some form of interaction.

  • Custom news feed algorithms

Artificial intelligence is what allows some of the most common social media sites like Facebook and twitter to customize users news feed.

AI has the power to accurately analyze the specific posts a user is most likely to view or like and display it on their news feed. Here is where marketers find out which content is more engaging. Thus, they are able to know which content to display for a specific individual.

  • Predictive intelligence

Predictive intelligence is basically where AI gets to understand individuals and created products and services that are tailored specifically for them according to their interests and needs.

It also gives an insight to marketers and business owners on the best content that will have a greater impact on potential audience.

  • Creating better customer experience

Most people who are computer savvy have probably heard of IBM’s Watson. Watson is a computer that thinks. It has the ability to respond to commands in a humanly way. The above can either be in form of text or verbally.

Basically, this is what artificial intelligence is all about; the way Watson offers different solutions to the different queries brought by individuals.

  • Promotes better marketing strategies

Artificial Intelligence allows business owners and marketers to better look into the specific needs of their customers and give relevant advice in real-time.

The algorithm in content marketing has offered marketers the advantage of knowing the right content to feed consumers. These personalized experiences are what increases the chances of getting better sales from consumers.

In conclusion, it is best for marketers to incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence in their businesses whether they understand it or not.

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