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Appy Pie Helps Businesses Take Customer Service to the Next Level With AI

Robust customer service lies at the core of every successful business. With competition getting stiffer by the day across all industries, it’s more important today than ever to find ways to boost customer satisfaction to stand apart from the crowd. Appy Pie helps small businesses achieve this goal with the latest addition to their no code product portfolio. Now, users can create an intelligent chatbot in their apps and websites with an ability to transfer chats to their preferred live chat software to help them respond to customer queries and feedback in real-time.

Their DIY mobile app builder supports a drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to add all the features you want, including a chatbot. The company explains that the primary motivation for adding this feature is their desire to help small-to-medium-sized businesses utilize the latest technologies that will elevate their customer service without investing a considerable amount of money.

Using a chatbot means mundane questions won’t have to be handled by the customer service team anymore. Appy Pie’s AI-powered chatbots are more than capable of providing accurate and relevant answers to frequently asked questions. Taking this time-consuming task away from the daily routine of customer service representatives gives them freedom to tackle more complicated tasks that require human intervention.

Additionally, companies can use chatbots to enhance their lead generation strategy. Instead of manually sending promotional messages to potential and existing customers one-by-one, chatbots can speed up this process without compromising on its quality. This makes it far easier and more convenient to send personalized messages, ones that connect with customers at a more emotional level and compel them to inch closer toward the end of the sales process.

Perhaps the most impressive part of all this is the fact that Appy Pie’s chatbot builder can be used by anyone with basic computer skills. No coding knowledge is necessary to create chatbots with this DIY chatbot builder. Setting everything up takes no more than 10 minutes, depending on the design layout and your desired features.

With the release of their AI chatbot builder, Appy Pie positions itself as one of the best no code DIY platforms today. They have already earned a name in the industry for the ease with which their users can create apps and websites using their platform, but their chatbot builder makes them an even more compelling choice for anybody who wants a stay on top of their customer service quality.

Appy Pie continues to add to their product portfolio with futuristic releases. Their mission is to help their users gain access to the future of technology and provide them with effective tools that get the job done without requiring an enormous capital. With mobile usage seeing no signs of slowing down, any business that wants to get a bigger market share should consider creating their own chatbots to cater to the needs of their audience, promote their products or services, and improve customer service.

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