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A Wallet for Mobile Payment Processing

Wallets serve two functions: to keep your money safe and to keep it close by. A bit of style is nice too. It’s easy to find these functions in a traditional wallet. Walk through any department store, leather goods emporium, or gift shop and you’ll find plenty of fashionable, functional wallets for any taste. So what do you do when you need mobile payment processing? No physical wallet, no matter how expensive its designer looks, will help you there.

Now that so much of our shopping is done online, a virtual wallet is becoming more and more important. These can be vital to process payments based on ACH transactions in the digital space without credit cards. Security breaches happen, and some online payment methods like credit cards or bank transfers might not give you the protection or convenience necessary when making frequent purchases. iWallet provides the comfort and security, and even some of the style of a physical wallet, but specializing in digital payments, and even cryptocurrency. On top of that, it can replace physical currency in just about any scenario.

What is iWallet?

iWallet functions like any other digital payment option, allowing you to transfer money and shop online easily and securely. Once you download the iWallet app, it’s a simple matter to transfer funds from your bank and to use them to make payments. The true advantage is that using iWallet allows you to bypass the banking and credit card fees that would normally accrue from ACH (automated clearing house) transactions. Not only that, but shopping on your mobile phone or device is never easier when using the iWallet app.

Browsing iWallet reviews show that many users love its simple functionality and biometric security options. Since payments are made from your phone, any security measures you already have in place – like a PIN or password – automatically transfer to the iWallet app too.

In-person mobile payment processing

iWallet promotes a growing trend of cashless, paperless, plasticless payments. It works for online shopping of groceries, clothes, services, and anything else you can buy online. But it works with so much more. Even in-person transactions are easier with iWallet.

Smartphones can read QR codes to rapidly perform all kinds of functions. QR code is short for Quick Response code. These boxes of black lines are everywhere – posters, websites, forms, fliers, and ads. The purpose is not as strange as those mysterious squares might lead you to believe. Normally, you can install a QR app on your phone to read the code and immediately be linked to a website or receive crucial information.

Now, QR codes are also used for buying and selling. iWallet can process transactions with QR codes generated by software that is compatible with all credit card processing systems, already in use at virtually every retailer.

But what if you don’t have a QR reader app on your phone? No problem because your Smartphone camera works just fine, and can also read QR codes. All this means that iWallet can be used anywhere and everywhere to make shopping easier, faster, and safer.

More than just an app

Your wallet can go with you anywhere via your pockets, purse, or handbag. Traditionally, you’ve had to carry your wallet everywhere you go if you hope to buy the things you need. It can be bulky, and even uncomfortable to lug with you. When it comes to cash and credit, an iWallet can do everything your physical wallet can do, and more. In effect, iWallet exists to lighten the load.

But it’s not just the physical strain of trudging about with a bulky mass of paper and plastic that iWallet relives; there’s also the psychological strain of worrying about loss and theft. The iWallet is more than convenient. It is safe. It is a relief on the body as well as the mind.

Overall, iWallet’s features stack up well against other payment options. The list of functions is astounding

  • Convenience: easily pay anywhere with a click, scan, or swipe
  • Security: payments do not go through your bank, so you have more anonymity
  • Ease of use: no fumbling with cash and cards
  • Simplicity: if you have your phone, then your iWallet goes wherever you do
  • Cost efficiency: no service and convenience fees, and no transaction limits

iWallet Promo!

With all these features, NOW is the time to sign up for your free iWallet account. There are:

  • No annual fees,
  • No sign up fees

And, for a limited time, iWallet is offering a $20 sign up bonus. You can use iWallet on any platform, including iPhone and Android and

Our Smartphones are capable of so much more than we could ever dream. With so much to see, do, and buy, it’s nice to have the convenience of a wallet combined with everything else your phone can do. With iWallet, enjoying the best the world has to offer is that much easier. The power to purchase is closer than ever before.

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