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A deeper understanding of the meaning of charity: My own charity story

Charity, they say, begins at home. You’ve got to help yourself and those with who you are closely related before extending a helping hand to a person or a group of people facing a calamity, disaster or a shortage in some part of the world. From food, clothing to housing, helping people have access to basic needs is something about which I’ve been very passionate. It is doing it for humanity.

However, not everyone has a deeper understanding of charity, unless they witness deeds of organizations or individuals that change societies around the world. For example, it takes a heart of giving to help students in remote parts of Nigeria access books. To another person, documenting a story about giving back to societies that feel marginalized by their own governments is the meaning of charity. It is always a story worth resumes planet reviews on a story that will make people act.

My Own Charity Story: Boreholes of Hope

I must admit that it is hard to survive without water. But for millions of people in different parts of the world, water is a colorless gold-They only have it in limited quantities or nothing. Having been raised in the southern parts of Kenya, water was always in plenty. However, a trip to the north, largely dominated by pastoralist communities was unforgettable. I had to plan the next trip to help as many communities as possible find a lasting solution to a drought situation that was continuously ravaged their livestock and means of livelihood.

While it was obvious I couldn’t reach everyone at the time, at least I had to do something in the hope that it would inspire others to find local solutions. In the northern parts of Kenya, water shortage is a perennial problem, and sometimes, it lasts up to three years before people can once again enjoy dancing in the rain. During my visit, Kenya was facing one of the worst ever drought situations. My mission during the next visit was, therefore, to not only help Turkanas (a majority of those who live in the North) access clean water but also establish a permanent solution to water shortage.

Boring Company

With the help of a boring company, we accessed the drought situation, especially the extent to which people needed water. Thereafter, drilled 60 boreholes to help up to 100,000 thousand people access clean water for household use and drinking. But my mission didn’t end there.

In the understanding the long spells of drought mean water levels in the boreholes would go down, the boring company also provided locals with 40 water reservoirs. This way, people who reside in Turkana have been able to start local subsistence farming as they are able to tap into rainwater to last them into the dry season. Moreover, many people now do small-scale irrigation in arid lands, a situation that has improved from subsistence to sustenance farming.

Final Words

Any kind of help can go a long way in helping communities build their lives once again. Whether you choose to rescue kids from servitude in places like Syria or help displaced Myanmar Indians establish a new life through small provisions, every act of charity counts and the world will never forget about it.

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