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5 Ways to Help You Boost Your Conversions on Instagram

Many people have misunderstood the concept of Instagram and they think that this particular platform is just for sharing their selfies, food pictures, and pictures of your pet playing around but this is completely untrue. According to the research, baby boomers and millennials are always shopping through Instagram and this portrays that Instagram can help businesses generate sales and widen their business.

However, you need to be very particular about various things if you want to generate sales through Instagram as you just cannot upload a photo and expect an order. You will have to convince Buying Instagram followers  that your product and business offering will be proven good for them and how do you do that? Read on to find out!

Opt For The Business Account

You are running a business on Instagram and you sim to earn money through it, then why have a regular account? Instagram has launched the option of business account for a purpose as it has been equipped with features that are essential for the businesses. With the business account, you will be able to;

  • Get to know your followers
  • Get to know what type of posts they dig for
  • Get to know how your potential customers are engaging on the posts
  • Make your followers swipe up and sign up on your business website

Add Link In Your Profile’s Bio

We understand that you need eye-catching photos for your Instagram and also a caption that engages the customer and at the end of it, you need a CTA to make sure that your customers and followers are answering to you. However, there is one more important thing and that is to increase conversions. So, add a link to your website in the bio and ask your followers and audience to check out the link through your posts. When they load the website, it will improve the conversion rate of your profile

Use Instagram Live

Everyone posts the pictures of their business offerings along with engaging captions but don’t you have to be different to ensure that you stand out and catch the attention. Well, it is not that difficult as Instagram comes with a cool live option. Go live on your profile and talk about your products live. It will evoke a sense of trust among the followers that there is not some robot running the page and the products are exactly as they see in the pictures

Opt For Retargeting

Every business has some customers that asked all the questions about the product and left without placing an order due to any particular issue. Buy instagram likes If you have such customer list, go and follow them and show them the pictures of your products after regular intervals to make their mind to give your business offerings a go.

Share Content Made By Users

To put it into simple words, share the reviews of your products that your customers tell you and send to you. For example, if you are running an organic cosmetics business, you can screenshot the testimonials and reviews of your customers that have used your products and gained benefit. It will encourage potential customers to make a purchase as they will be assured that your products work.

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