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3 Things to consider when hiring a motivational speaker in New York

A driver of change in an organization may just be a good talk from a renowned motivational speaker. When holding corporate events, conferences, or training, inviting speakers outside an organization would help motivate and engage the target audience. While it is quite easy to come up with big names in the industry to invite for these types of events, identifying the right one might be pretty challenging.

Before searching for speakers to invite to an event, it is important that the goals of the event are made clear to the organizers. Know what sorts of topics are needed to reach to your audience. The audience’s needs, aside from the event’s overall theme, should be considered when matching the right speaker for it.

After clearly laying out the agenda and goals for the event, it is now time to look for motivational speakers to hire. This article presents three key characteristics that organizers should consider when hiring a motivational speaker in New York.


While well-renowned businessmen, artists, or celebrities are the most likely choices for speakers, doing initial research on their credentials is a must. Though they may have extensive experience in public speaking in New York or in other places, it may also be helpful to see whether a certain speaker has good ratings and reviews from other organizations. Of course, speakers should know by heart what they are talking about. Their credentials would back up the things that they will share.


Organizations and motivational speakers should collaborate in order to deliver an event’s desired impact. The speaker’s speech will better connect with the audience if he or she is willing to research on the involved organizations. Speakers should be amenable to adjust to the theme and key message that they need to get across. He or she must be skilled enough to fine-tune the message to something that would be received well by the audience.

It is good practice for the organizers to ask the speaker first on the message that he/she will deliver to ensure that it is aligned with the event’s goals. Connecting their key points to those goals would boost the possibility of a successful speech.


Inviting a speaker with a charisma can help stimulate inspiration and motivation to the audience. This captures people’s attention within the first minute of the presentation. The speaker must be able to connect with the audience in order to keep them engaged.

Choose a speaker who shows passion for his or her craft. Audiences want to hear from people who can present stories with authenticity while remaining relevant to the theme. Motivational speakers who can confidently share examples of failures and successes will leave people inspired to create and execute better ideas.

To conclude, successful speech presents clear strategies and programs for the audience. A great motivational speaker must be able to leave a lasting impression on the people. Even with only thirty or so minutes, hiring a motivational speaker is definitely worth the investment – with its impact lasting for a very long time.

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