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How To Perform High Level Of Anti- Spam Protection

One of the key tasks, which mail server administrator should perform, is filtering emails containing spam. The harm from spam is obvious and understandable: in addition to the information security threat, it takes up space on the server’s hard drive, and also reduces the efficiency of employees. Separating unwanted emails from the business correspondence is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The fact is that there is simply no solution to guarantee a 100% result in eliminating unwanted emails. Additionally, an incorrectly configured algorithm for detecting such emails can cause the company much more harm than spam itself.

So, what is possible to do in order to protect your mailbox from malware? The answer is clear: look at the anti-spam plugins. Here is the shortlist of the most reliable options.

1 Cleantalk

Among the most trustful anti-spam plugins for websites, is number one by the following parameters:

· High level of trust: more than 341 thousand websites use Cleantalk on a daily basis;

· Huge number of anti-spam features: performs reliable website protection from bots and spamming in orders, comments, subscriptions, bookings, widgets, etc.

· Convenient registration: create your account in 60 seconds;

· Competitive pricing: free trial period is available;

· Helpdesk: include manuals, questions, and answers.

Cleantalk provides different solutions in such spheres as websites anti-spam protection, database API, email checking, WordPress security, hosting anti-spam, SSL Certificates.

2 WordPress Zero Spam

Protecting your blog from malware is easy with the WordPress Zero Spam plugin. It does not use captcha or user moderation, which saves valuable time for the administrator. You will be free from false registration, or unpleasant replies.

Necessary features:

· Does not have a captcha;

· No moderation;

· IP blocking function;

· Compliant with cache.

3 WP Spam Shield Anti-Spam

This soft is the answer to all your problems online. It will save you from annoying remarks, fake registration, trackback, and pingback spam. A significant feature of this plugin is that it uses a spam-blocking contact form, so you don’t have to worry about your email.

Meaningful features:

· Does not include a captcha.

· Protects from various types of malware.

· It has spam blocking contact form.

· Shortcode functions.

4 Grow Map Anti Spambot Plugin

It protects you from automatic bots, leaving unwanted replies because a verification field is generated in your comments. This field will ask users to make sure that they are not spammers.

You can set the maximum number of replies from the user in the queue if you have not had approved replies from him before.

Key features:

· Protection against automated spam bots.

· Generation of the test field.

· Limitation of replies.

· Protection against new improved spambots.

Thus, the mentioned plugins perfectly work for both small businesses that need less expensive options, but secure email solution, as well as large enterprises that are constantly working to decrease the risks associated with cyber hazards. Choose wisely – take care of your cybersecurity.

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