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How to Pack Knives When Moving

Packing is a task, when we move to another place. Everything in your house is typical in size and shape and packing can be a task, but, there are lots of items and things which needs extra attention. Kitchen stuff is the most difficult stuff to pack properly. Kitchen items include silverware, utensils, pans, pots, bowls, cups, dishes, glasses, small and large kitchen appliances etc.

Kitchen also has breakable items. Another most important item that needs personal and special care while packing and unpacking both is Knives. As we use knives for various purposes, the number of knives is really large. Kitchen knives should be packed without any risk of damage to other items and injury to yourself.

Following are the points to be taken care of while packing knives safely:

  1. Packaging Material:

For packing knives the basic packing material is required including lots of unprinted packing paper, sheets of bubble wrap, a roll of packing tape, and a permanent marker.

  1. Moving Boxes:

For packing knives the next main thing required is a few small cardboard boxes to store wrapped kitchen knives. We can opt for shoe boxestoo as they usually work well. Prepare a separate box only for kitchen knives to eliminate the possibility of damaging other kitchen items. Crumpled packingpaper should be placed to the box bottom and a layer of bubble wrap should be lined to the boxes to provide extra cushioning for the kitchen knives and to prevent the sharp objects from cutting through the cardboard.

  1. Sorting of Knives:

Knives should be sorted according to their type and size before packing. All butter knives should be grouped together as they are not as sharp as the rest. Steak knives, bread knives, and knives which we use for chopping should be grouped together. Chef’s knives and carving knives

Should be kept separately and each one of larger knives should be packed individually.

Step-By-Step Instructions on packing:

After gathering the knives packing materials, cardboard boxes and sorting out sharp kitchen objects, it’s time to pack kitchen knives for a move. If any sharp cutlery pieces are kept in a knife block, then it can be packed together with that cutlery block, but for packing all the kitchen knives

Individually follow the steps below:

Step 1. Firstly, stack of unprinted packing paper should be positioned on the kitchen table or counter.

Step 2. Knives that are similar in size and purpose should be gathered.

Step 3. Place one knife at an angle near one edge of the paper stack, then few sheets of paper should be taken and rolled diagonally over the knife multiple times to completely cover the sharp object.

Step 4. Another knife with its blade pointing in the opposite direction, should be added to the first cutlery piece, and continue to roll the paper to completely cover the second knife well.

Step 5. Another knife should be added to the bundle until you run out of paper.

Step 6. Ends of the packing paper should be tucked in tightly to form a tight bundle and alternate the direction of the blades while wrapping them. Generally, one paper bundle holds around 4 or 5 knives depending on their size.

Step 7. After wrapping the bundle and it will resemble a roll of knives in packing paper where each knife is wrapped up individually. There should be at least 20 sheets of paper to cover the knife blades to eliminate the chances of accidents during transportation.

Step 8. Packing tape should be used to secure the bundle and keep it from unwrapping itself during transport.

Step 9. Write KNIVES on the paper bundle with a permanent marker.

Step 10. Paper bundle containing kitchen knives should be transferred into the cardboard box. Then fill up any empty spaces using crumpled paper or old pieces of clothing so that no shifting occurs inside the box during transportation.

Step 11. Use packing tape to close and seal the box.

Step 12. Labels KNIVES, KITCHEN, and HANDLE WITH CARE should be placed on at least two sides of the box.

By following the above precautions and steps, Knives can be packed safely for moving a house. While packing knives with thee tips seems pretty easy, it actually is a tough task. It is always recommended to hire the best cross country moving companies and take their help in packing everything including the knives in the kitchen. Thiswillsave you time and money and alsoprevent any damage injury that inefficient packing can cause. Your knives are an important tool in the kitchen and many of us are even passionate about our knives collection. Hope this guide will help you make your knives packing easy and move them with utmost safety to your new address.

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