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How To Get Real Instagram Likes?

Who wouldn’t want to get more likes on their Instagram posts? No one, right?

More likes can actually offer you a lot of benefits, for example, more traffic and followers. Apart from that, people will check your whole Instagram account most especially if they like the things you share. On the other hand, if things are properly planned, likes may become a crucial part of your Instagram tactic. If you are thinking of buying Instagram likes, views or followers then follower24 is one place for you.

But here’s the catch, getting real likes on Instagram is quite difficult especially if you’re not famous and you don’t have a large following. To help you, we have compiled 5 tips on how to get real Instagram likes that actually work like buying Instagram likes.

Tips On How to Get Likes on Instagram

1. Utilize hashtags sensibly

If you really want to get more likes on your post, you need to make use of hashtags sensibly or else people and even Instagram will get angry.

When adding hashtags to your posts make sure to use the relevant ones. More importantly, do not use similar hashtags for every post.

2. Share high-quality videos and pictures

As we all know, great and high-quality content needs preparation and thought. In fact, it is very important especially if you want people to click the heart button. When you’re uploading photos or videos make sure reveal your face or somebody else’s. What’s more, choose the right filters carefully. Filters with warmer tones and can correct exposure, as well as increase contrast, offer best results.

3. Post at the right time

Posting at the right time may also affect the number of likes that your posts may possibly obtain. In fact, posts uploaded between 3:00am and 10:00pm usually obtain the most interactions.

Nonetheless, if you want to maximize your posts, you can schedule them using a reliable and safe scheduling tool for Instagram.

4. Like other users’ posts

This tip is actually dependent on the goals that you want to achieve. However, it may be worth visiting the most popular Instagram feeds as well as the feeds of most used hashtags. You may also want to consider liking useful and entertaining posts and from profiles that are associated with your niche or business.

By simply liking the other users’ posts you will be able to get more likes and even followers that may possibly extend your reach.

5. Tag Instagram users that are relevant

If you tag users on your posts, you will be able to encourage them to interact with your posts and at the same time share them with their followers. On the other hand, if they captured the video and picture, don’t forget to give credits to them.

When you’re tagging users you can use the tagging functionality of Instagram or include a @username in your post.


These are only a few tips on how to get more likes on Instagram that you can try. Make sure to try these five steps, after all, they will not take a lot of time. Hopefully, these tips helped you in reaching the number of likes that you want to get.

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