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Horses serve more than just one purpose – find out here

Horses are beautiful creatures with great agility; speed and great reflexes.To own a horse is an asset to many. Horses are used for many purposes especially during the ancient time they were mainly used for transport and carrying loads from one place to another. Horses in today scenario are mainly used in sports and for horseback riding. Horses are really elegant and though there are many kinds of breeds mostly all of the breeds are beautiful, and they are unique in their own way. Horses and ponies make for the best pets too. A pony is a favorite child ride and when you own a pony imparting horse riding lessons to your child becomes easier.

Ponies like horses are beautiful animals although to maintain a horse or a pony requires you to spend a lot of money it is worth it. Owning a horse or pony is a luxury only a few can afford because horses or ponies usually lives in acres of land or ranches, so even their dwelling place is expensive, but in cities, most of the horses live in stables.

Horses are used for a lot of purposes be it for recreational activities, sport or any other kind of activities.

These are a few uses of the horse

During ancient times

The uses of horses date back to 5000 years ago, and horses were domesticated since then. They were used for warfare and during peaceful time too the first horse was known to be domesticated in 3500BC before the dawn of locomotives. People in the ancient time traveled by horses to distant land before the domestication of horses donkey were used to carry loads from one place to another.The discovery of horses as domestic animals is one of the most important events in history. Horses are used to pull chariots, pulls carts and wagons from one place to another.

In warfare, horses were used to pull chariots which carry warriors in them. These warriors fight with other enemy warriors, and in the warfare, many warriors lay down their lives with the horses too. With the advent of cavalry tactics chariots were replaced and a new form of training started. Horses used during warfare are to be mentioned because as long as there was warfare, there were horses involved too in this warfare.

Horses were used for transportation during ancient times. The discovery of domesticated horses is an important event even in history because before that man can’t travel a long distance and they would use donkeys for carrying their loads and themselves but the donkeys are small creatures, and they couldn’t travel long distances. When horses took the place of a donkey in carrying loads and chariots and wagon man found the horse to be very useful.

Present day scenario

In the present day, scenario horses are not used for plow and warfare any longer, but they are still valuable and used for many other things too. In the US horses are used for therapeutic purposes people with disabilities ride horses, and this is therapeutic to them.The horses are also used for ranch work in most terrain that is rugged and uneven for motor vehicles to travel to, the horses act as a medium of transport.Horses are also used in police work too they are generally used for crowd control.In terrain where it is rugged, horses are used as pack animals to carry loads.

Uses of horses in sports

Another use of horses is in sports. Most of the horses these days are used in sports. You can check to know more. Let’s take a look at the various sports in which horses are used.

Horse riding sports


It is performed mostly in Olympic games. This kind of sport is performed by both the rider and the horse, and the performance is done from memory and a set of predetermined activities. Both the rider and the horse has to be on the same page to perform these acts, but the rider is calm and composed as he directs the horse to perform the stunts.

Three-day eventing

Another sport perform by the horses is eventing in this sport the horse with the jockey performs a combination of the three discipline that is the show jumping, cross country, and dressage. The competition is completed in a one-day event all these three disciplines have to be completed in that one day. But nowadays a four-day competition has been created in which dressage will be completed in the two, and cross country will be completed the next day and lastly show jumping will take place on the fourth and final day.

Stadium jumping

Another equestrian sport is the show jump or stadium jumping. In this sport, the riders on horseback try to jump through obstacles within a specific time given.

Cross country equestrian

Another horse riding competition is the cross country riding in this kind of sport the jockey and the horses have to complete around 30-40 obstacles in a given time limit failing to do so the jockey, and the horses incur a penalty.

Endurance riding

The endurance riding from the name suggests that they are long distance races which need to be completed in one day. These kinds of races last for a whole day. The maximum distance for this kind of race is 160km. The horse that finishes first wins the race, but the horses are checked periodically throughout the race


Another sport done on horses are the equestrian vaulting. This kind of sport requires the jockey or gymnast to do some gymnast act or dance on top of the horseback.


Another riding competition is the reining ride. The jockey leads their horses to perform some disciplines which could be circles, spins, and stops

Western pleasures

The western pleasure is a competition in which the horses are judged according to their act and composure. Here the horses are given task and based on their manner and composure the winner is declared.

These are some of the competitive sports where participants use horse to display their skills.

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