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Why do you need to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Car crashes, medical malpractice, slip and fall cases, and animal attacks and bites are some of the examples of the personal injury cases, in which a plaintiff can claim compensation for the injuries or damage he suffered due to a negligent or intentional act of the other party. But, for this, taking a proper legal route is essential. A personal injury lawyer can help you with these cases as he understands the nitty-gritty involved in them and the actions that need to be taken. Read on the article below to know how an attorney assists you in these matters.

The advantages of hiring a legal advisor

Compensation for the injury or damage

Any accident or deliberate harm caused to an individual can affect him physically, financially, and emotionally, which in turn, result in loss of wages, medical bill expenses, loss of a partner, etc. With the assistance of your advisor, you can look for a considerable amount of compensation from the other party. The lawyer will listen to your story, activate the legal proceedings, and if need be, represent your case in the court to get you justice.

Investigation of claims made by the plaintiff

Since these cases involve finances, the lawyers take utmost care while accepting any case. They go deep into the surface to verify your claims. If there is any merit found in your case, they extend their help. Usually, they take fees after a settlement is reached.

Collection of proof

The law needs evidence, and only your lawyer can help you in collecting it. He gathers police report, medical bills, property damage reports, etc. Questioning witnesses for their statements, sending a photographer to the accident spot for pictures also constitute a part of the proof collection. He keeps these materials with him to prove the liability of the other party towards you.

Negotiation with insurance companies

The attorney you appoint examines all the policy details of your insurance to maximize your compensation amount based on the nature of your case. He directly deals with the agency and keeps you informed about the development.


In this process, the lawyer first sends a demand letter to the insurance provider containing all the details of the accident and the amount of compensation that his client deserves. However, if the insurer looks unfair, the legal advisor registers a complaint against the defendant on behalf of the injured. The paper categorically mentions the responsibility of the party at fault and the amount of damage that is expected. Typically, the other party gets 30 days to respond to the complaint.

The court proceedings

If an out-of-court settlement does not happen, he may take your case to court. He represents you before the judge and follows all the procedures to ensure your success.

Taking professional help in legal matters is unavoidable because it’s a nuanced field and involves a lot of complications. Only someone learned in this area can understand the intricacies of all the steps and formalities. At the time of recruiting service, don’t ignore the kind of experience they have with the cases and since how long they have been operating. If there is any urgency on your part, you can contact O’Brien and Ford Law firm once for consultation.

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