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What is Corporate Photography and Why do we need it?

Even though many are strange to this concept, corporate photography is an unsung hero in the world of professional photography. As we can see wedding photography splashes across the classy magazines, new photography gets thousands of likes on social media pages, and food photography shines on Instagram. However, corporate photography seems to be less glamorous and than other fields in the common space, but it is inarguably one of the biggest professional opportunities for niche photographers.

Why corporate need photography?

Corporate photography is a broader specialty which encompasses all types of photographic needs a company have related to its business administration. The major coverage areas of corporate photography include the events and conferences, business meetings, and product launches etc. to be given out to the media, newsletter, posted on their website etc.

  • Trade shows and business conventions

These are events where a group of companies in the same line of business will come together to share their product/service information and products. These platforms provide a great opportunity for corporate photographers. The images of their participation in such events will add great value to their professional profile of corporate brands.

  • Training and e-learning

Many of the companies have the need for employee training. In order to make the training professional and personalised, company branded videos and photos are used. The skilfulness of professional photographers as assigned by is essential for this purpose.

  • Branding and marketing

This is one of the major aspects of corporate photography which is also a part of product photography and advertising photography. To share product images to highlighting the consumer experience with a brand, companies use corporate photography. Moreover, such images are captured to show off the company’s work culture and employee satisfaction also.

  • Corporate headshots

Many companies also need the images of their employees also photographed in a professional way to be used in their websites or media releases.

Preparing for corporate photography

  1. Find a professional service.

For anyone planning for a corporate photography assignment, the first move is to identify the best professional photographer for this purpose. There are many choices to make from freelancers to photography services to consider. Ensure that the provider you approach has significant skills and prior experience in corporate photography.

  1. Get all the details

Consider what you exactly need out of the corporate photography assignment you plan for. Do you have to get posed images or just documentary type photos? What kind of colour tones and backgrounds to be set? Is the need for specific posters, elements, or products in the photos? Do a proper groundwork and discuss it in details with the photographer.

  1. Schedule accordingly

The photo shoot needed to be scheduled properly and all the concerned needed to be given prior notice to prepare for it. Remember, corporate photography consists of a marketing value too, and needed to be done in a professional manner with the support of all involved.

Budget is one major consideration while planning for professional corporate photography. Once if you have the requirements well delineated, share it with multiple providers and ask them to give a customised quote for your project. You can further evaluate this item-wise quotation to identify who offers the most cost-effective service.

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