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How to Monitor Your Kid’s Use of the Social Media

Social media has become one of the biggest thing today. Everybody including children wants to be a part of it. But truth be told. It is good, but not very safe. There is a lot that goes on the social media that can harm the users if not well utilized. Since children can hardly discern the right from wrong in this cunning world, they need protection from the parents.

Here is how you can protect your child against the negative vices on the social media:

1. Teach Your Child

Start by educating your child how to use social media appropriately from the day they start using it. Let them know the consequences of using social media wrongly. Advise them how to use privacy settings to secure them online. Teaching them to safely use social media will help them stay safe online.

2. Control the Platforms They Join

There a lot of social media platforms today. Control which ones you would like them to join. Let them join platforms that are children friendly. Also, control the groups they join on the social media. This will prevent them from getting exposed to the filth on these sites. You can have your child use your own social media accounts before they become of age. This ensures you have control of what they do on these sites.

3. Monitor How They Use the Platforms

Since you cannot be around your child all the time to control what they do, you can monitor how they use social media from a distance. There are so many apps that can be used to track and monitor the activities of another gadget without the knowledge of the other party. It is possible for someone to track my iphone or Android smartphone without my knowledge. Have these Apps in place so that you can see who your child’s take to over the internet, the pictures they upload, send or receive and the how they generally use social media.

4. Blocking the Network

You can use parental controls to block social media sites and networks that you do not want your child to access. Although blocking a certain network or social media site may not help much, it will help have some control of what they get exposed to.

5. Have the Passwords

Do not allow your child to have a private social media passwords. If you cannot monitor them remotely, at least have their passwords. You can spontaneously peek on their social media platforms to see what they are up to. You can reprimand or punish them if they are using the sites inappropriately. Additionally, if something completely inappropriate, you can withdraw the devices or close the social media accounts.

When it comes to protecting the well-being of your child, especially over the internet, do all you can. From invading their online privacy using the spying and tracking applications to keeping their passwords. Most importantly, educate them on the safe use of the social media sites. Let them clearly understand the positive and the negative aspects of it.

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