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Best Websites And Apps To Help You Study

The life of college students isn’t easy! It has its own set of challenges. Whether we talk about the study pressure or the age group, which has just started venturing into adulthood, everything is at its peak. Luckily, technology has advanced and now it provides solutions to ease out human lives.

Nowadays, multiple applications are available to help the students study more efficiently, and hence, perform better at college. These apps help them stay on track and stick to their study routines. So, no more procrastination! It is time to get better grades at college! Check out the best apps and study websites for students.

Best studying apps and websites to ease out the college burden

#1 EasyBib

EasyBib is an application that will completely change the way you write assessments. One can easily scan barcodes of multiple books just with the phone’s camera. The app lets you create citations without any issue. It also helps you export the citations and email them to yourself. Referencing has never been this easy. Use EasyBib for all your citation work.

#2 Edurbirdie

Writing essays for college is quite a tedious task. However, there are ways to overcome this challenge and still receive a good mark. There are different essay writing platforms where the experts complete your assignments providing the papers of the highest quality and within a set deadline. Edubirdie reviews suggest that writing papers can be simplified with their help. Edurbirdie is providing them with excellent writing services. The user interface of the website is also friendly, making it easier for the students to place their order online. The platform is perfect for college students as apart from offering to buy research paper or order Edubirdie review, people can also utilize the Edurbirdie plagiarism checker to make sure they submit unique work and get good grades.

#3 Lighthead

Even though the app is only for Mac users, Lighthead is very useful to have. It is among the best applications for students as it keeps your laptop awake while you read. Many a time, undergraduates prefer studying with the help of online study materials since it helps them save money. However, while studying on your laptop, the laptop usually turns on the sleeping mode due to inactivity. Lighthead keeps the computer awake while students focus on learning.

#4 Wakerupper

This is one of the best apps to help you study. It acts as a reminder that students can use on an exam day. Wakerupper reminds you of a big exam day or a study group by giving you a phone call. Unlike alarms, which may be easily snoozed, the phone call will definitely wake you up.

#5 Trove

A must-have application for almost every student, Trove is an online library database. Study website for students such as this one provides content from multiple libraries and museums across the globe. Trove helps students with their assignment and research work. Along with Edubirdie plagiarism checker, every student can ace their writing/research work with the help of these applications.

#6 Self Control

For those who procrastinate a lot while studying, Self Control is a perfect application. It is only available for Mac users helping them keep themselves away from the internet. Students can add websites in the blocklist, and Self Control will ensure the students aren’t tempted to surf the web. Moreover, once the timer in the app starts, there is nothing you can do to reverse it. Even by deleting the application, you will not be able to operate the particular websites for that peculiar duration.

#7 ColdTurkey

This study helper app is basically Self Control for Windows. ColdTurkey blocks access to every website and application as well as games for the duration that you mention. It helps you to stop procrastinating and focus on learning entirely. ColdTurkey also lets you create groups of websites that you want to block.

#8 Studiosity

Studisity is another student-oriented website that ensures quality submission at college. Students can get their college assignments and essays reviewed by experts at Studiosity. All they have to do is either sent the documents as a draft and receive it back with the specialist’s review. Or they can even have a live chat with a real-life specialist to understand the suggestions better. Moreover, the rates aren’t that high on the site either!

#9 GoConqr

GoConqr is one of the best apps to help you study. It is a desktop as well as a mobile application, and the options available on this application are simply endless! One can use flashcards, take online quizzes create different mind maps online and much more! Study planners, as well as calendars, are available too to help students maintain a proper routine and collaborate with their peers to create a healthy learning environment. Students can share their learning resources with each other, which makes exam preparations fun and easy.

All in all, one can’t really criticize technology anymore! When we talk about studying, it is acting as a boon too making it easier for the undergraduates. Various efficient study guide websites as well as apps can decrease the college pressure. Hence, do try out the apps mentioned above that suit your needs and perform better at college. Remember, they are designed just for you to make your life easier.

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