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Benefits of Using Software as a Service, Like Setapp

Software as a Service – known as SaaS – is everywhere and it’s one of the most popular ways to benefit from software applications in every sector.

Before SaaS solutions emerged, companies and individuals who wanted to use software needed to install it on the device they wanted it on. For consumers, this often meant uploading the software using a disk or CD. For businesses, this would often mean expensive and time consuming on-site software and hardware installations.

But now, with SaaS, you don’t need to install anything more complex than a simple app download. SaaS solutions, such as Setapp – for Mac users who want over 130 apps that solve numerous problems – are cost and time effective. You get everything you need, without the cost and headaches associated with owning software or hardware.

What is SaaS?

Instead of owning software and applications, you are renting them, like with Netflix, a cable subscription, or Amazon Prime.

SaaS means that you pay a subscription for access, which could mean just for yourself on one device, such as a laptop. Or a subscription for hundreds or thousands of staff across multiple computers, phones and tablets. A subscription gives you access to the software, which in most cases can be used wherever there is an Internet connection, 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Benefits of SaaS?

Unlike traditional approaches to software, SaaS is quicker and more effective.

From the moment you subscribe – or start a free trial – you should have instant access to the software. It could be web-based, or an app that you download on a Mac, Desktop, tablet or phone. In some cases, this software might need to be specially configured for your devices or technical operating environment, or other internal applications it’s going to interact with.

Software and apps gives you a world of possibilities. From accountancy software to sales solutions and more effective ways to market products and services, software can solve numerous problems. Take Setapp, for example. Mac users can struggle to find apps that do what they want using the Mac App Store (MAS), despite the amount of choice. So instead, for a small monthly subscription, you can gain immediate access to over 130 apps – and never have to worry about paying more through in-app purchases or paying more to access premium features.

With SaaS solutions, you are paying a small amount often for dozens of useful features. Subscribers get regular updates and upgrades, often for no extra cost, and the expense of maintenance and support is included in the monthly fee. This means companies don’t need to spend a fortune on IT support and hardware. Everything you need is managed in the cloud by the company that you are paying to provide this software.

SaaS can be scaled up or down according to what you need, making it more flexible than traditional solutions. It is also easy to integrate one SaaS product with another, or with legacy systems. Apps are usually designed to work through the APIs of other apps relevant to them, and for more complex integrations, a software company can look at delivering a solution.

For consumers and businesses, the numerous benefits of SaaS are clear. Access to services you need, when you need it, for a cost effective price, without worrying about the technical aspects and costs associated with owning software or hardware. SaaS is also more secure than self-managed and on-site technology applications and solutions, many of which are a potential security risk in an era of cyber attacks.

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