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AI and VoIP: The Way Forward

Businesses today are constantly in search of new methods and new technologies that would help in automating those tasks that are repetitive and consume a lot of resources and time. These resources, whether it is human potential or otherwise, could be put to use to enhance the revenue-generating capability of the business itself. When these businesses are customer-facing or involved in other B2C activities, customer interaction is another inevitable paradigm. 

Apart from this, businesses have to rely heavily on strong communication channels like office phone system to develop business for their organisation, and this means interacting both internally and with the external environment. However, in some cases, the communications can get repetitive, or the queries that the customers raise can be anti-productive to the employees resulting in lesser efficiency.

For this reason, it is in a businesses’ best interest that they invest in research that would automate these processes, or at least eliminate those aspects of interaction that are extremely mundane such as the nature of the queries, customer details, and demographics, etc. 

We can’t simply say that a business is running effectively just because it is running a large volume of call traffic. One of the surest ways of business development is considering the percentage of converted leads. However, in customer service, Virtual phone number plays an important role. 

Understanding VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol refers to traditional telephone services operating over the internet from any device that carries a packet service or data such as desktops, laptops or other devices. This service converts your phone signals into packets that are then transmitted over connections like LAN. 

Effectively, this means that you’ll have a virtual phone number without having to invest in the heavy billings that come with traditional office phone numbers. The other thing is that you have the ability to assign this virtual phone number to each device, effectively centralising them so you can transfer the calls between each of those devices so you have multiple office phone numbers linked under a single office phone system. 

The most important part about this is that you would save a lot of money on telephone infrastructure because you would generally only have to pay for the internet service even though you are making long distance or international calls. The VoIP service providers would set up this service in such a way that your existing infrastructure is not rendered obsolete.

Need for AI in VoIP

Customers interacting with the business agents need to go through various routine tasks that, when automated, would save the agent’s time for other important issues. It is here that AI comes into play. The role of artificial intelligence in the world of customer service and Online phone number service is to make intelligent decisions on routine tasks simplifying the issue, and taking care of regular queries so it doesn’t reach the end user — the agent himself. Here is how AI can be useful in simplifying the VoIP tasks

  • By understanding and detecting patterns in the customer moods and the nature of the queries, AI can intelligently direct calls to the people who can handle them the best, while preventing any issues that might come out of language or dialect barriers, including personal preferences without human prejudice.
  • By removing the need for agents to perform routine tasks, AI can collect the relevant information and pull up information regarding the transaction history, customer profiling, and rating as well as the general nature of the query, making the time allotted per customer lesser leading to more customers handled per period.
  • In case of those agents who are new in the field or those that are handling important clients, the supervisors can chime into the call by the easy method of conference calling that all VoIP providers offering centralised office phone systemwould give. Apart from this, AI can track the nature of the conversation and let the supervisors know the status of the call and the need to intervene.
  • AI can also optimise the working hours by reducing the need to prepare calendars, worksheets, itineraries as well as constructing summaries of the workflow and information for the management to analyse and better bridge the process gaps.

VoIP Services with CallHippo

Leading service providers like CallHippo understand that AI can be extremely influential in call routing in a way that reduces the overall costs involved in the process while optimising the routing avenues and workflow summaries in a way that only technology can perform. 

As AI continues to adapt and grow, call quality, and costs can be optimised in such a way that it would be beneficial for everyone. CallHippo provides a myriad of services that are vital in the performance of VoIP and AI. The features such as call transfers, queuing or barging in by a supervisor would be automated. Online phone numbers thus will smoothen the connecting of the clients and also interconnectivity with the help of AI.

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