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Adaptive clothing: The specialty clothing for kids, adults, and seniors

The adaptive clothing, designed for people with special needs, offers significant relief to them from daily frustration they face while dressing. From kids to adults and senior people, it helps everyone with limited ambulation and injuries. Since these clothes replace buttons with snap buttons, magnetic closures, and other such things, the activity of dressing and undressing doesn’t feel like a mammoth task to them. They enjoy not only the independence of movement that comes with it but also the option that enables them to wear different stylish garments. The caregivers also feel happy because these clothes make their job easy.

You will notice that these specialty clothes are designed to cater to the independent or assisted dressing needs that are unique to certain medical conditions and situations. For example, an arthritis patient may need something that an individual with Alzheimer may not require in his dress. Therefore, to ensure that you get the right garments for your dear one, you need to have awareness about the clothing needs of the different medical conditions.

The range of adaptive clothing by needs and medical conditions

Every medical condition creates a unique impact on the person’s health and motor abilities, and as a result, their requirements for certain things also vary, particularly in case of dressing. Here is a brief on this.

Arthritis: Almost one in three people suffer from this health condition in the USA. It’s a chronic medical condition, in which people tend to lose mobility. For them, buttoning their garments is not easy as it may hurt their affected joints. So, garments with elastic waistbands, hook and loop closures, generous necklines can be more useful for them. From pants to slacks and culottes, the choices are many in bottoms too.

Alzheimer: Generally, Alzheimer patients pose great difficulty when it comes to assisted dressing. For days and weeks, they would want to remain in the same clothes believing that they changed only today itself. However, this is not the only problem. These people tend to get easily angry when the caregiver tries to help them with the dressing. They feel their privacy is being invaded. So, for them, you need something that makes this whole process of dressing and undressing quick and fast, no matter where they are – at home, assisted living center, or nursing home. For that, simple clothing is an ideal solution. Whether the person is a self-dresser or needs dressing assistance, the apparels with zippers or a smaller number of buttons are the best to select.

Incontinence: Aging men and women face this problem. Those who were in the habit of living a dignified and self-assured life find this condition very embarrassing. However, sometimes the reason for the lack of control over urination can be different also. For that, it’s critical to understand what is causing incontinence in them. Nevertheless, if you look at the fundamental problem here, it indicates that the elderly individual fails to open zippers or buttons, and when the pressure increases, their inability to manipulate those closures leads to accidents. So, for them, you need to buy easy to wear adaptive clothing, such as elastic waists, comfortable underwear, etc.

Parkinson: In this medical condition, people face many types of dressing problems. However, what affects this daily activity most is their diminished motor skills – trembling fingers, imbalance, etc. They fail to keep themselves still when wearing a cloth. Also, the rigid muscles don’t let them button their dress quickly. As a result, it becomes quite frustrating for them to change their clothes every time. For these people, you can opt for a dress with hook and loop closure tabs. Or, something that he or she can easily pull on and off their head is also a good option.

Stroke: Also referred to as brain attack, stroke disturbs the blood vessels in the body and mind. Due to this condition, a person can have paralysis. However, the degree of impact can vary from individuals to individuals and the intensity of the attack. If someone has weakness in his arms, you can choose for him a pull on and off dress. If the person needs assisted dressing help because of the paralysis, then you can select something that has an open back. For a patient with leg paralysis, you can buy long zipper pants.

Handicap: People with physical disabilities have higher needs for independent dressing. So, getting a garment with snap back, zippers, fasteners, or elastic can be more useful.

Ageing: It is a health condition more than a medical condition. It can cause ailments, but it is not a disease by itself. With age, people lose their physical and mental strength; as a result, daily activities like dressing feel like an arduous task to them. For them, you need to buy something that is not only easy to wear but also stylish. It should give them independence in dressing and assisted-dressing too. Nowadays, you get a good choice in elderly women’s clothing and men’s clothing. From beautiful prints, designs, colors, and fabrics, you can pick anything you like. The extensive range of dusters, dresses, shirts, t-shirts, pants, pajamas and others will leave you spoilt for a choice.

Hence, from this one thing is clear that for a full-proof shopping experience of adaptive clothing, you need to understand the actual physical and mental condition of your dear one. Only then will you be able to find a suitable design for them. Besides, you can also scroll through the options for wheelchair accessories, footwear, and others. From cup holder to pouch and daypacks to organizers, the range of accessories for wheelchairs includes everything. As far as footwear goes, you can shop for anti-slip socks, anti-slip shoes, and expandable shoes and socks for your loved ones.

Adaptive clothing is an innovative clothing design that can bring a refreshing change to those millions of lives, who spend their time in either pain or stress. You can make their life little easy and better managed by gifting this simple dressing solution.

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