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4 traits of the best advertising agencies

Advertising agencies serve one main purpose and that is to bring brands where the people are and ultimately help the brands achieve their goal of making sales and building customer loyalty.

However, not every advertising agency out there is cut out for the job. There are a few things to check for before hiring an advertising agency to work for you. Here are 4 traits of the best advertising agencies that you should look out for:

1.    Digital Literacy

Advertising cuts along different lines ranging from radio and television commercials, print ads, and online ads on different platforms such as websites and social media. All these categories have different requirements in terms of how adverts are to be made. A good advertising agency needs to be digitally literate to be able to handle a project in any of these categories.

The agency should have a perfect understanding of the latest technology and innovations being used. Google is constantly updating its algorithms online and these changes affect how ads function. An advertising agency needs to be digitally literate to be able to pinpoint, respond, and keep up with these updates as and when they happen.

2.     Ability To Produce Results

What makes an advertising agency effective is its ability to produce results. It’s one thing to have all the structures in place but it’s another thing to take the client’s advertising needs, implement strategies and work out the process up until real tangible results are seen that benefit the client.

The best advertising agencies are those that not only say it but actually work skillfully and produce exceptional results. For this to happen, there needs to be a team of skilled workers in the agency who have an in-depth understanding of how advertising works.

3.     Excellent Communication Skills

The best advertising agency is one that puts communication at the forefront. Communication is the gateway that links people together and is the building block of success in any venture being undertaken. A good agency needs to have a strong internal communication system which allows staff to come together, share, and connect as they work on the advertising projects at hand.

There also needs to be strong external communication where clients can openly engage with the agency with no limitations whatsoever. This communication should be solid enough that it ends up building good relationships both internally and externally. Nothing much can be accomplished if communication channels are closed.

4.     The Element Of Creativity

You cannot separate advertising from creativity. They both go hand-in-hand with each other. An advert is meant to sell the vision of an individual or organization and the final advertisement that is released to the target audience should be appealing enough to actually convince them to respond and take up whatever the advert is offering.

To this regard, an advertising agency needs to have a high level of creativity in their work process. The team in place should be able to think outside the box and come up with unique concepts.

They need to be able to master the current trends and create advertisements that are appealing to the target audience and are in sync with the present times. All this trickles down to a high level of creativity in an advertising agency.


Here are some more traits of top advertising agencies that you should look out for.

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