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4 Tips to buying a Wood Burning Fire Pit

A few tips can help you to get the best wood burning fire pit. If you love staying outdoors with friends and family, then having a good fire pit is a good idea. That way even during cold nights, you can still enjoy fresh outdoor air while you catch up with friends, colleagues and family members. A good fire pit will also add ambiance to your backyard.

Here are 4 Tips to buying a wood burning fire pit;

1. Choose the right type

There are many types of pits based on materials, size and design. You may opt for the fire tables, rings or bowls. For a classier look, you may opt for a pagoda, fire columns or the tabletop pits. You should buy a fire pit depending on available space and your sense of decor. Most people prefer portable pits in case they need to change locations of their patio. Some fire pits are portable while others may be fixed making it hard to move them. Your budget will also determine your choice of the fire pit.

2. Consider the type of fuel

You may use wood or gas in your fire pit. You should buy one depending on what you intend to use to light the fire. Wood is cheap and natural. In traditional fire pits, wood is the main source of fuel. Lighting wood is difficult and may cause a lot of smoke. That is the main reason why some people may not prefer wood as the source of fuel. Some simple guidelines on wood fire pits can help you to make the right decision. If you prefer a decorative fire pit, you should opt for a gas fire pit. They are also easier to light.

3. Fire pit material

You may opt for a copper, steel or cast iron fire pits. Cast iron is the heaviest and may not be portable. If you prefer a portable fire pit, then you should choose those made of any of the above materials. If you do not mind a heavy fire pit, the best option would be stone. Stone requires minimal maintenance since it doesn’t rust and is also easy to clean. You should also shield the stone fire pit from extreme cold weather as this can lead to cracking due to sudden freezing or thawing.

4. Safety

The safety of all family members especially the children and the aged should be considered when buying and in the placement of the fire pit. Remember to place the fire pit away from the house and any other structure that may catch fire in case of strong winds. The fire pit should also be placed away from plants. Remember to also adhere to the rules and regulations of your county. In some counties, there are prohibitions of having fire pits outside due to the risk of wildfires.

During cold nights, you do not have to remain indoors. It is more exciting to spend time outdoors. With a good fire pit, you will be able to heat the surrounding outdoor environment and enjoy some time outdoors.

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