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Your Full Guide to Choosing the Right Women’s Card Holder That Fits Your Style

Wallets and card holders are very important in our daily existence because we carry it all the time. It is where we put our valuables like pictures, small important notes, and most especially our bills which essential for our survival. They come in many styles and shapes which also depends on your gender.

In most cases, women are the type of people who are very keen when it comes to the type and style of cardholders they want to possess. They even scrutinize them carefully before they’re going to acquire. In that sense, brand companies are producing various styles of these card holders making sure that if a woman wants to get one it fits their lifestyle and taste.

Today, as you go along and look for the best wallet and card holders you want to own and bring daily, let’s take a look to the different card holder styles that are available in the market. This will aid you in choosing the right one before you go shopping. Here are they to get you started.


It’s one of the women cardholders that comes in a two-sectioned part wherein you can fold it half closed. You may place it inside the pocket of your pants or hipsters which also shows a great fit.

The Checkbook

It’s a standard size wallet which is amenable to hold an unfolded currency and checkbooks.


It’s a purse-like wallet which is attractive to look and bring using one hand.


It’s a kind of wallet which is carefully manufactured to hold coins using a secured zipper and snap closure.


It’s a rectangular type of wallet which comes in a long and slender look. The proportions and size of this card holder look like the same as business envelope do.

ID Wallet

It’s a small and thin designer wallet or cardholder that is capable of organizing your credit and debit cards, and identification cards. If you would like to go shopping and doesn’t want to bring a bulky wallet, ID wallet is an ideal cardholder to use. At the same time, this limits your money and budgeting become efficient.

Mini Wallet

This wallet looks the same as what men usually brings. It’s a bit smaller compared to the envelope wallet.

Opera Wallet

Comes a hard-cased and flat type of wallet with snaps shut present on it.

Travel Cardholder

It’s a large cardholder that’s designed for travel use. Its primary role is to hold passports and tickets so that it will not be folded upon check-in. You can also insert train tickets and other pertinent travel documents so they won’t tear out.


It’s three-sectioned card holder that you can fold up to two or three times so it can fit your pants pocket or hipsters pocket.


It’s a short strap cardholder which is carried around the wrist.

As a woman, choosing the right type of wallet deems an important part of your styling because it showcases your personality as a whole.

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