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Why You Should Not Try DUI in Canada

Driving under the influence of drugs is a very serious offense in Canada and in most instances, it attracts a hefty penalty. This is due to the fact that driving under influence exposes a lot of people to the danger of either losing their lives and property of being maimed for their whole lives.It is advisable for any driver to keep this in mind and ensure utter sobriety when behind the wheels.

What Constitutes Driving Under Influence In Canada?

Just as the name indicates, driving under influence is the operation of a vehicle when you are on drugs. Most of the time, these drugs impair your judgment and motor function, hence making you prone to making mistakes while driving.

Some of the drugs that are taken to note while making a driving under influence arrest include alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana among others. Even cough syrup is considered because after long use it becomes a sedative making the user be drowsy.

According to the nationalpardon, a blood alcohol limit of 0.08 is the threshold in which an arrest can be made. Even if below this threshold, if the police deem youth be a problem in waiting in traffic, an arrest can be made.

Penalties You Face If Found Driving Under Influence

There are many penalties that you can be slapped with if found guilty of this crime. Most of the time if found you are in for a guilty plea due to the evidence found on you. If possible a drug test is conducted to prove this.

Referring back to the nationalpardon, for a first time offender, a $1000 fine is imposed as well as a 12-month driving ban. A second offender gets the hot end of the stroke by getting a 30-day jail term as well as a 24-month ban from driving.

A third time offender or a subsequent offense in driving under influence, you are considered a problem factor to the roads and the other users. Here you are slapped with a 120-day jail term as well as a 3-year ban from driving.To enforce the driving prohibition, your license is confiscated in most times.

Your record is going to reflect this charge and employees or interested parties can view this record even if not guilty of the offense. In the case where you are innocent of this offense, it is advisable to make an application for it to be removed from your record.

Getting a Pardon on Driving Under Influence

You can get a pardon for driving under influence in Canada. In order for the pardon to go through, you need to first pay the fine required if you are a first time offender. Also, you need not to be in any traffic violation of any kind at the time of applying for the pardon. However, you need to know that your license is to still be confiscated.


It is advisable for you to not drive under the influence of any drug for both your safety and also the safety of other road users. This also prevents you from incurring the hefty fines and jail terms as well as losing your license. More information about driving under influence can be checked from the nationalpardon.

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