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The Kitchen Sink Clog Cheat Sheet From Winchmore Hill Plumbing

Every single morning, multitudes of foodies pour bacon grease right out of their pans down their sinks without a second thought. Many coffee lovers will dump a pot’s worth of used grounds down their drains in what is a seemingly convenient way to flush unwanted waste away.

Your convenient kitchen disposal system is designed to tirelesslygrind up leftovers and direct soluble waste away from the kitchen sink. Its existence though has become a drain clog trap for most households because it is very tempting to pour stuff down it rather than scrap it off into the trash.

Here is some advice from Winchmore HillPlumbing. Your kitchen disposal system is not a garbage disposal system, and it will eventually foster plumbing problems if misused. These clogs will, in the end, bring back up your drain what should be removed away from your kitchen through wastewater backup.

Is it safe to DIY and unclog your drain?

Drain cleaning products are very convenient and even affordable…in the short term. Eventually if used over a long time, they tend to destroy pipes and septic systems which can really step up that plumbing bill in replacements.

Call a professional and spend a minimal amount to unclog your kitchen drain rather than pay thousands to overhaul a corroded plumbing system.

When should you call Winchmore Hill Plumbing to fix your clogged drain?

Most homeowners lack the skills that are required to diagnose the cause of clogged drain correctly. Winchmore Hill Plumbing, on the other hand, has the experience necessary to not only diagnose the cause of but also resolve it quickly and reliably. So when should you call Winchmore Hill Plumbing?

If the wastewater is spreading beyond your sink and to your floor, you are already too late! That little mess could quickly get out of hand damaging your appliances, carpeting, and furniture. Call as soon as you sense that your wastewater is not draining as it should.

The best way to avoid clogged kitchen sink drains is to dispose of off food remains correctly. Some items in the kitchen are a waste disposal system’s worst nightmare. These include;

  • Coffee grounds
    Dump your coffee grounds in the trash or add them to your herb garden’s compost pile. If not they will clog that drain in record time.
  • Eggshells
    Old wives tales suggest that eggshells could be good for your waste disposal system, sharpening its blades. Not true. They will instead leave granular wastethat will clog your sewer lines.
  • Meats
    When meaty bits are ground by your disposal system, they will get all stringy and wrap themselves up on the blades. The fats in them too will cause sewer clogs and overflows.
  • Oils and fats
    The most significant number of kitchen drain blockages are caused by grease because once it’s in the pipes, it will quickly solidify to hardy blocks.
  • Starchy foods
    That leftover potato pastry, pizza, rice, or bread will turn into a slimy mess once mixed with water, adding to the blockage inside your drain.

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