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The Best Tech Tips to Help Students Study Smarter

Technology is of great importance when it comes to studying smarter not harder. There are +-thousands of useful tools and tech resources that can create ease in the process of learning and memorization. You can make use of modern technology to help with time management, study pattern and lots of other stuff related to your education. Today we will let you know about the ways through which you can become a successful and smart student without spending a lot of time studying harder.

Study skills basically refer to organization and management of time, information and materials. Students should be able to find strategies through which they can fulfill their learning needs in a prudent manner. Technology is growing at a rapid pace and it makes our everyday life convenient. Today it is hard to find a place where there is no use of technology. The education sector has also enjoyed the benefits of technological gadgets. A large number of students make use of different electronic tools to gain more knowledge in less time.

Encouragement to use Technology in the Education Sector

Teachers can develop smart study skills in students by encouraging them to make the best use of technology. For instance, an educator should inspire a student to access his curriculum and study materials through a laptop computer or tablet. It has always been a time-consuming job to go and visit the library in order to find the information that’s required for your assignment. Now you can simply browse the web and search for anything within seconds. This saves students a lot of time that can be spent on learning of educational materials. Teachers have the responsibility to educate their students about learning tech tips to make study better and simple.

Tech Tips for Students

There are different useful tech tips for students that can be employed to become a better student and secure higher grades in the college or university level.

Time Management

Managing time is one of the most important things for a student studying at a school, college and university. You should focus on time management as it’s of immense significance for academic proficiency. A student must be able to figure out when to complete assignments. You should also be able to set a time frame for completing any specific homework assignment and then meeting that time goal without any delay.

Technology helps you in time management and completing assignments in a timely manner. The following tech ideas can play a vital role in time management:

  • Timers: Different types of timers are available on the internet to support students in understanding the calculation of time. These timers increase productivity and help students focus on the task until its completion.
  • Calendars: Calendars have always been a fantastic way to organize and schedule your study events. Students can easily sync events as well as manage assignments for the next month.
  • Homework Apps: Different online programs are available to allow students to prioritize and track long or short term assignments. Students can use these programs to set alerts and reminders.
  • Online Assignment Services: Sometimes it gets harder for a student to complete his assignments within a tight deadline. Thanks to technology, the availability of online education services has made it convenient. Now you can pay for assignment to be done from the expert educationists of top universities. Simply you need to tell your requirements and the time when you would like to see the assignment ready. They will create your assignment exactly in accordance with the requirements of your educational institution. In this way, you can get your assignment done in a timely manner without getting embarrassed in front of teachers or the rest of the students.

Material Management

You should never compromise on managing your study materials because it is the key element in the success of a student. Youngsters studying at different institutions have to manage physical materials including papers, pens, assignments and school bags. They also need to manage different physical spaces of lockers, desks, and bedrooms. Staying perfectly organized is a great way of achieving study goals. Technology offers useful strategies that a student can follow to manage all of his materials.

Google Tricks: It is important to have an organizational system for the management of digital materials. Google drive is an online storage system with the ability to create unlimited folders and documents. It further educates students about organizing electronic materials in a proficient manner. Other tools including Google Classroom and Google Keep allow you to keep track of study materials in an outstanding way.

Checklists: There is no dearth of checklists on the World Wide Web. These are considered to be a great source for keeping track of digital educational materials and assignments. These checklists can always be synced with other devices and accessed on any platform. A student can also share his checklists with classmates.

Dropbox: Dropbox is not too much different from Google Drive. This prestigious online service is used to store, sync, edit and share documents. It supports all formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You don’t need to have a Google account in order to access a Dropbox account.

Organizing and Understanding Information

Students should develop study skills and learn methods to comprehend things quickly and wisely. Finding the core idea, applying active strategies, summarizing information and understanding the concept are all study skills. Students should also learn to record the required information and use when needed at a later time. Technology offers a variety of tools that help students organize the information that they have gathered for educational purposes.

  • Note-taking Templates: Excel Spreadsheets, Microsoft Word, Google Docs let students create tables and utilize online. A student can easily create templates on these platforms and record information in different formats. This feature is equally beneficial for students as well.
  • Graphic Organizers: There are many graphic organizer programs including Connected Mind, Coggle, and Inspiration. They let students organize and share their ideas electronically using a nice range of outlines on a variety of platforms.
  • Evernote: This is a very productive resource created to help in the research process. A student can clip articles, save articles with tags, highlight information and organize a large number of data for later use. Using this tool can be very successful for your educational career.
  • TED-Ed: This is a great platform for understanding information. It provides research-based analysis on different topics. You can search for the relevant topics and get useful information for the assignment work. A large number of students and teachers use this for their educational success.

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Sandra Hayward is the technology integration specialist and the president of Language Lab Training & Resource Inc. in New York City. She conducts and develops technology integration training modules, curriculum integration, Webinars and new technology integration plans. She provides effective training and consultation to students of different levels.

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