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We at GrrrGraphics abhor war and violence.

The latest shooting in New Zealand was a revolting act of mass murder.

The 28 year-old assailant, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, had several messages written on his weapon including one that alluded to the Battle of Lepanto, which marked the end of Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean. Regardless of his delusion of being a war hero, he was not carrying on any battle. Murdering innocent people was a cowardly act.

We’re against the spread of Islam into western countries including the United States. Sharia Law is part of the Muslims’ mandate and it’s not compatible with freedom and our republic. Opposing Islam should be done peacefully—even through radical Muslims continue to murder Christians and engage in terrorist acts of their own.

Predictably, the ‘authorities’ are already calling for more gun control. The media are blaming ‘white nationalists’ and conservatives. Some are saying it’s a false flag. Regardless, one thing is certain: Violence begets violence.

—Ben Garrison

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