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Best Technology used in Rayming to deliver better products

Rayming is one of the PCB manufacturing companies where all type of PCB manufacturing and PCB service is done over there here more flexible Ray PCBproducts are perfectly done for your projects mainly in Rayming PCB fabrication which helps you to provide with high quality PCB boards. They are built with team of members with years of experience and they design an excellent PCB boards with different technologies.

Here 24/7 support is given to customer support in order to serve and to answer their queries whenever they are needed an immediate response will be given from Rayming side to the customer. Rayming industry is mainly constructed in order to satisfy the customer needs these are built and designed with excellent technologies and also we provide with good quality and low price.

Why to choose Rayming

We have more number of customers since we are more reliable and whatever designs customers ask we are capable of designing the same product and we do all type of X-Ray technologies to produce the high quality output our customers is completely satisfied with our product. Let us see in detail about the technology which is used in the Rayming PCB, only because of our perfectness and quality of the product we have plenty of customers and all the customers are satisfied.

Ray technology in PCB assembly

X-ray technology it is referred to as automated x-ray inspection and it is the technology which is used to inspect and find the hidden features of the targeted objects or it is also known as examining the products with X-rays as its source. Nowadays these are very popularly used in lot of applications such as industrial control, aerospace and medical. For PCB inspection this x-ray is massively used and it is mainly the process of PCB assembly just in order to test the quality of PCB it is one of the important step for checking the quality oriented PCB manufacturers.

What is the technology used 

Nowadays in recent years the array packages which includes all kinds of fields such as industrial control, aerospace communication and military industry. Since here surface mount technology is used both packages and leads which become very smaller and the traditional inspection method which includes optical thermal and ultrasonic imaging which have higher density in solder joints and also in the holes buried or blind.

Principle used in X-rays

X Ray PCB which has a unique advantage where the material that absorbs x rays which are proportional to their atomic weight and the other materials which absorbs the X-ray radiations in a different manner depending upon the density thickness and atomic number. Generally all the heavier materials absorb more X-rays and they are easily images and the materials which are made up of lighter elements are more transparent to x rays. Mainly the X-ray inspection devices which are composed of three elements

  • It consists of X-Ray tube and this is capable of generating X-rays.
  • This has the capability to move with the sample where the sample is inspected with different angles and also the magnification is adjusted and here oblique angle inspection is also done.
  • It has the capability of detecting x-ray through the sample and also it can convert interval image which are understood by the users.

Here during the inspection of X-Ray images x-ray projection microscope is used since it is used to observe different extreme materials in terms of atomic number.

Printed circuit boards which offers a high quality and technology for the manufacturing and testing PCB board assembly and here these x-ray inspection is used widely to check the PCB boards in order to maintain the excellent quality in their products.

This automated x-ray inspection is based on the same principles of automated optical inspection here instead of visible light they automatically inspect the features which are typically hidden from view.


X-ray inspection is widely used in lot of applications such as medical, aerospace and industrial control. Mainly in this advanced technology these x-ray inspection is used for medical purpose in order to identify many disorders. Mainly this type of manufacturing is famous in Rayming and they provide all type of PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly service with perfect technology.

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