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Aftercare: how to look after your dental implants

Since the introduction of cosmetic dentistry procedures, millions of people across the globe have had their lives transformed for the better. However, once the waiting is finally over and you get to see your new smile reflected back at you, it can be easy to forget that your All on 4 implants require a good level of oral hygiene and regular care. Just like a natural set of teeth, there are a few key steps that you must take to ensure that your investment in cosmetic dentistry is a long-lasting one that keeps your smile pristine so make sure to follow the All on 4 treatment plan.

1. Follow your surgeon’s oral hygiene instructions

When you opt for dental implants, your cosmetic dental surgeon or Dentist in Grand Blanc will be able to give you specific instructions on brushing and flossing that are tailored for your case. It’s crucial that you follow these steps carefully because your dental implant needs a healthy and well-maintained environment in order to ‘take’ to your gums and become a permanent fixture in your mouth. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about aftercare. At Vera Clinic, our cosmetic dentists are more than happy to answer all of your questions about the procedure before, during, and after.

2. Avoid the negative effects of plaque

After you receive your dental implants, brushing is an essential daily activity because a build up of plaque can interfere with the health and longevity of your implant. When you invest in such a transformative procedure, you’ll want to ensure that you benefit from the results for years to come. Furthermore, if plaque and bacteria accumulate over time around the new fixtures, you can begin to suffer from peri-implant disease. Not only will this compromise the health of your mouth and risk infection, but it can also make your implant loosen and require another round of restorative treatment. During a consultation at Vera Clinic, our cosmetic dentists will explain all of these procedures in detail and ensure that you are briefed on every aspect of your aftercare to ensure a positive result over time.

3. Opt for tools tailored for dental implants

Even if you’re very conscientious with your oral hygiene, you might find that you’re able to keep your mouth just that little bit healthier and fresher with a toothbrush made for dental implants. There are a range of devices on the market, but the main difference is that their various shapes are designed to provide a better reach when you’re dealing with one or several artificial teeth. Just as flossing makes it easier to clean between your teeth, these tools are designed to reach both sides of the dental implant and keep any bacteria build up at bay. For an extra thorough cleaning, you can also opt for an interdental brush which, as the name suggests, helps to clear debris between your teeth or implants.

With the option to finally update your smile with cost-effective dental implants in Turkey, there’s never been a better time to transform your life with cosmetic dentistry. Give us a call today to hear more about our range of dental implants and book in for a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons.

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