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The Green New Deal Disaster


Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday that the Senate will vote on the Green New Deal resolution introduced last week by a coalition of progressive lawmakers vowing to eliminate all greenhouse-gas emissions within ten years, while simultaneously creating millions of jobs in a government-subsidized green-energy sector.

They act as if there are no jobs at all now when the economy is better than ever with more people working than ever before and there are more jobs available than people who are looking. Over the last two years, Trump has created five million new jobs,600,000 just in the manufacturing, field by lowering business taxes and jobs coming back here from overseas. So anyone who wants a job can have one.

“I’ve noted with great interest the Green New Deal. And we’re going to be voting on that in the Senate. Give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the Green New Deal,” McConnell said with a sly smile during a Tuesday press conference.

The resolution, which was introduced by the new star in Congress, 29 year old Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Senator Ed Markey (D., Mass.) on Friday, provides a sweeping list of climate-change- and social-justice-related measures including the refurbishing of every structure in the country with renewable-energy technology and the creation of millions of federally funded jobs in the green-energy sector.

She’s a former Bernie Sanders activist who supports just about every Socialist scheme imaginable… including free medical care, free college, and tax-rate hikes up to 70%. Nobel Laureate economist Paul Krugman has made the case that 70% taxes might be too low… he’s pushing for 80%!


A “frequently asked questions” document that accompanied the resolution referenced the complete elimination of air travel and farting cows. Ocasio-Cortez has since disavowed the FAQ, which was posted on her website, and suggested her political enemies disseminated the document to sabotage the proposal.

McConnell and Trump are reportedly united in their desire to tie Democrats to the bill’s socialist policy framework ahead of the 2020 elections — an endeavor that should prove simple since virtually the entire 2020 Democratic presidential field endorsed it as soon as it was introduced.

Before Ocasio Cortez came on the scene the Democrats had nothing to run on in 2020 except name calling and blaming Trump for everything. Now this young outspoken loudmouth bartender from Queens comes out with these wild, absurd social justice warrior ideas called the Green New Deal and they all fall behind her like the pied piper. Besides the above-mentioned ideas, she calls for the elimination of all cars and has electric cars with charging stations all over and the elimination of airplanes by creating high-speed rail services even to places across the ocean like Europe and Australia. She’s also calling for Medicare for all and every person has enough money and finances even if they choose not to work and her fellow Dems fall right behind her. She’s only been in politics less than a month and already she’s emerging as the new leader of the democrat party.


When an interviewer recently asked how she would pay for all this she retorts emotionally and emphatically, “Look if we don’t do something about climate change the world’s going to end in 12 years and you’re worried about the cost?” and they back off of her.

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton unloaded on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal and said the media were “complicit” in burying the most radical parts of the deal.

Cotton, a staunch Republican, appeared on The Hugh Hewitt Show on Tuesday and discussed the widely ridiculed Green New Deal that aims to implement sweeping changes across the nation.

But what particularly caught Cotton’s eye was how the media became complicit in hiding the now-infamous FAQ document circulated by the Ocasio-Cortez office, which included lines such as promising a job to “all people of the United States” –  including those “unwilling to work” – and making air travel industry obsolete.

“I understand the Democrats that proposed this immediately tried to retract that white paper that went along with their resolution,” Cotton added. “And too many people in the media have been complicit in the Stalin-like or 1984 technique of disappearing it, sending it down the memory hole.”

Cotton finished the interview segment saying the Green New Deal, in essence, is what Democrats believe in and want for the U.S.

Larry Kudlow, Director of the U.S. National Economic Council, appeared on “America’s Newsroom” Thursday and took on socialism and those in the Democratic party who want to raise taxes for the wealthy.

“You’ve got all these…people talking about socialism all of a sudden,” Kudlow told Bill Hemmer. “I think that right now your poll is showing that working folks want to embrace capitalism not some state-run, state-controlled socialism that will set our economy back a hundred years or more.

Fox News Poll shows that 57 percent of people have a favorable view of capitalism while only 25 percent have a favorable view of socialism.

Kudlow praised Trump for taking on socialism and chastised those on the left who are pushing anti-business policies. “If you got a whole bunch of people in Congress, if the opposition wants to talk about healthcare.”

“This crazy [New Green Deal] plan is going to cost a fortune,” Kudlow said. “You’re going to roll back one of the most important things that has contributed to this recovery and that is President Trump ended the war on business and he ended the war on success.’”

Kudlow’s comment on potential 70 percent tax rates came after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., floated a tax as high as 70 percent on top earners in an interview with 60 Minutes last month.

Kudlow also expressed the White House would not stand idly by as socialism is debated and the Trump administration was prepared to challenge these policies.

“You have to fight fire with fire. My view, socialism is on trial,” Kudlow said. “We, me, everyone in this group we are not going to let these assertions and crazy policies pass without a strong rebuttal.”

Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren recently jumped on the bandwagon too, proposing an annual “wealth tax” that would give the government nearly $3 trillion in the years to come.

Incredibly, all across America, the general public is eating this message up…

A recent Bloomberg poll says 59% of voters are in favor of much higher taxes.

Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has soared 790% in two years.

And in a recent Gallup poll, more Democrats now have a “positive view” of socialism (57%) than capitalism (47%).

Socialism is the complete control of the government in your life much the same as communism. If anyone wants to know the effects of socialism then look at what is happening in Venezuela now or closer to home look at what the government did to the American Indian. As Ronald Reagan once said, “The worst thing you could hear is “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Recently Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney grilled environmental experts on their travel methods at a House hearing on climate change while discussing the Green New Deal’s call to phase out air travel.

“I would just say that it’s going to be crucially important for us to recognize and understand when we outlaw plane travel, we outlaw gasoline, we outlaw cars, I think actually probably the entire U.S. military, because of the Green New Deal, that we are able to explain to our constituents and to people all across this country what that really means,” Cheney said. “Even when it comes down to something like air travel … that means the government is going to be telling people where they can fly to and where they can’t.”

“I would assume that means our colleagues from California are going to be riding their bicycles back home to their constituents,” Cheney added.

The Green New Deal calls to “totally overhaul transportation by massively expanding electric vehicle manufacturing, build charging stations everywhere, build out high-speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary,” according to Ocasio-Cortez’s website.

if she gets her way and all non “Renewable” energy sources go kaput. HOW EXACTLY will her ‘brave new world’ exist? As it stands, over 65% or more of our current energy needs COME FROM COAL, GAS and the like. With no transportation industry, due to the gutting of oil, how exactly will all those jobs be materializing?
With millions of energy sector workers now out of a job, how will she give a “Family sustaining wage” to everyone?? One has to wonder how she plans to get all of those flatulent cows to market without a trucking industry. For that matter ANY food to market in her big cities.

This resolution is so full of idiocy and contradictions the majority of the American people will not support it. She may have sold this to some 2020 candidates but they are GULLIBLE and full of themselves.

Someone needs to tell the media’s “It Girl” to sit down, shut up and try to learn something. She is so out of her element and doesn’t even know it. The scary part is she *thinks* she has all the answers, but she’s standing out in the weeds. This whole Green New Deal is typical liberal claptrap.  All emotion and devoid of substance.

I recently saw this interesting comment to an article about AOC that seems to nail her exactly.

Deborah G Flynn

2:06 pm February 8, 2019 at 2:06 pm

“I honestly think that what everyone is missing here is that this person is mentally ill. Her delusions, facial expressions, obviously false statement are Schizophrenic or part of a Manic/Depressive personality disorder. Her state seems to be to the Manic side on a fairly constant basis. She has what appears to be an associative disorder as well. Her demeanor is not rational in the least. Her behavior is that of a sophomoric developmentally challenged individual. In case you need to know this is my area of expertise. She’d have to be fully evaluated of course, however, this is NOT a NORMAL adult. There is ZERO rational thought i.e about ending air travel because the next logical question would be is just how do you propose overseas travel? The lack of any contiguous thought process is typical in a ranting mentally ill person.She would be interesting to study.”


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