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The Best Ridesharing Apps to Get You Where You’re Going

Ridesharing apps are a helpful way to get people the transportation they need almost anywhere. There are numerous different Ridesharing apps now for you to choose from to fit your ride needs. There are Ridesharing apps more geared for business people, families, and those who want a safer ride. You can find anything to suit your needs. The following is a list of the top Ridesharing apps right now for you to use on your next trip.


Commutewise is a social networking carpool option. This app allows you to choose a group of people to rideshare with that you are compatible with. It allows you to make friends with those you’ll be traveling alongside. Think of it as the Facebook of rideshare apps. You can search for a group of commuters on a map that matches up with you and you can DM anyone on the app as well. This app is perfect for anyone looking to make friends while they are commuting.

Chariot for Women or Safe Her

If you are more concerned about your safety while ridesharing, Chariot for Women or Safe Her may be the app for you. This app was designed following the spike in assaults from other rideshare apps where drivers were not given proper background checks or were posing as drivers. Safe Her is a better and safer option for women who want to have drivers that are carefully selected.


Lyft is one of the more popular options for ridesharing. The Lyft company is also one of the safer options for ridesharing. The Lyft company is one of the more successful ridesharing options. Lyft is careful to check on their drivers and place discernable bright pink mustaches on their cars and thorough vehicle descriptions of cars on the app for people to differentiate who their drivers are from other drivers who may attempt to pose as your driver. Many big events utilize the Lyft app as a mode of transportation by placing Lyft stations at the event. Lyft usually offers some kind of discount code for events that are using them as a transportation option for their attendees. They are a perfect option for anyone who wants transportation for events or for work that is a safer option.


Uber is the ridesharing app that really started the popular trend of ridesharing. For that reason, it is the ridesharing app that ultimately is more willing to try out new ideas regarding ridesharing. They are for people who are willing to test out the latest when it comes to ridesharing technology options.


ZipCar allows people to rent a car through the app. This app is for people who need a car from time to time. ZipCar is perfect for anyone who wants to have a car without having to deal with the expenses of owning one of their own.


Getaround is a good option for people to either rent out their own car or to rent a car. This company is a competitor with ZipCar. ZipCar only allows people to rent and not to rent out their car. Getaround offers more options for those who use their app.


ZimRide helps to partner up people to ride with who have similar interests. That way you can keep up a conversation with your driver and fellow passengers when you go ridesharing. This affords you the opportunity to make friends with those you ride.


Arro is an app that connects you with traditional taxis. If you prefer taxis for getting you where you need to go, then Arro is the ridesharing app for you. It’s a more traditional option for people who prefer the normalcy of a taxi.

Each of these ridesharing app options is great for those who want to get where they’re going easily. You should choose the one that is best for your ride needs. There apps that can help for work rides, carpooling, travel needs, and to help social network. It’s all a matter of trying out a few until you find the one that suits you.

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