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Learn to Order Your Favorite Wine like a Connoisseur

Ordering the best wine and pairing it with the right food requires some skills. It is an off-putting task if you do not know the ins-and-outs of wine varieties, grape type, wine regions, the sweetness or dryness of wine, the food that tastes good with the drink, and so on. You will need to follow a few golden rules before you learn to order wine like a pro. It sounds a little overwhelming, but with practice, it will prove easy for you.

According to an article published on, roasted, buttery and oily chicken needs a wine that complements the taste. The variety that goes best with the food is a bottle of oaked chardonnay. Expect the flavors of herb and melon from this wine including a creamy finish. Read on to learn how to order your favorite wine like a connoisseur.

First research

If you want to look like a pro before ordering wine, take some time out for research. If the restaurant has the menu and a wine list, choose the best variety that complements the food. If you have done your research in advance, the task is easy for you. It will save you the hazards or embarrassments in a room full of people. In the absence of a wine list, start by considering food pairings. If the restaurant is popular for shellfish and oysters, then choose white wines or dry sparkling varieties to spoil your taste buds. If you are looking for curries for dinner, grab a bottle of Riesling. For more wine-related information, look up websites such as Sokolin.

Avoid the second cheapest bottle

Avoid this tactic at all cost because it will disappoint your guests. Worse, if you are on a dinner date with your inamorata. When it comes to most wine restaurants, they mark the bottle’s price up at 50 percent to 400 percent. And a few will charge a greater margin on the second cheapest wine. Be a smart wine shopper and choose a bottle that offers greater value within a specific wine category. Look at the wine list, evaluate the price, and compare it with the value outside the restaurant. If it is your wedding anniversary, shelling out a little more will add more quality in the wine glass. Pick a bottle of 2016 Janasse Chateauneuf du Pape that comes with a purple, ruby tinge displaying the hints of new oak in its blackberries, black raspberries, spicy aroma, and cured meats. You can grab a bottle at around $50.

Avoid panicking

You are in a restaurant and asked by the waiter to order your favorite wine from the 12-page list. And you did not turn the first page yet. Relax! Do not panic. There is nothing to worry about. If your companion feels thirsty, order a glass of house champagne to start the evening. While sipping the bubbling wine, take some time to mull over the wine list and pick a bottle that will complement the meal.


Now that you know how to order like a pro, be confident, and invite guests for dinner or take your partner out for a romantic dinner with the best wine and food.

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