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Key considerations to keep in mind before buying super ideal cut diamonds in Singapore

So you have been thinking about cushion cut diamonds for your special one? There are a few things to keep in mind before you make a purchase. And it’s not just about the shape of the diamond! But let us begin with that.

The cushion cuts can be square or rectangular, with rounded corners or beveled edges. Choosing the shape is strictly a personal choice as you can vary the length to width ratio to anything between 1 to 1.05 for square ones and 1.20 to 1.30 for a more rectangular shape. Make your choice according to your preference.

But there are several other factors to consider here. Let’s get over them in details.

The two major categories

The two major categories are the standard and the modified cushion cuts. The original faceting pattern is the traditional cut for the diamonds. Contrastingly you can also go for the more modern modified cushion cuts. But keep in mind the differences between the two are minimal when it comes to looks, but the price point may vary hugely.

The chunky or crushed ice conundrum

These are the two main faceting patterns that are available for your cushion cut diamond. Chunky cuts are the more popular ones owing to the fact that these have clearly defined large facets which give the piece an antique look and are priced in the high range. The crushed ice variety is like a radiantly cut diamond, and the sparkling facets are arbitrarily organized.

You need to avoid the bad cuts

You need to avoid the bad cuts as the truth is not all diamond is of a good industry standard quality and grade. Low-quality diamonds result in poorly cut stones, and these are the ones to avoid.

So, how to go about it?

Avoid stones that are ill-proportioned, lacking in sparkle and are shallow cut. A shallow cut is done to save on the diamond which means there is not much, to begin with! The GIA lab reports are no help here as there is no information provided on the specifics of the cut. So be your own best judge.

A general rule of thumb to follow here is to go for depth and table percentage of less than 67%. Anything over 70% will lack vibrancy and sparkle factor. Keep in mind that cushion cuts can be less brilliant than round diamonds but have a better fire which is the color sparkle when viewed under light.

About the color and clarity

There are two main aspects to consider the color of the stone you choose. The first is the grade, and here you have a choice from the low grade of “I – J” (yellow or rose gold) and the higher “D – F” range (perfect luster and whiteness).

The second important consideration is that you can have a fabulous looking piece with a low H grade colored diamond as well if you choose the contrasting metal setting right. A D grade is several thousands of dollars expensive, but you can contrast your color grade to create a bespoke design. Choose according to your preference and budget.

Clarity grading is important as well because the more inclusions you can observe the better is the clarity. Crushed ice cushions will hide the flaws and impurities better than the chunky cushions. So make your choice only after a bit of shopping around.

We hope that you will keep these simple considerations in mind the next time you are visiting a diamond merchant.

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