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Is It Possible to Have A Successful Career Without Going to College?

We all know the stories about people like Steve Jobs and Bills Gates, who dropped out of college only to become founders of some of the most important companies ever to exist on this planet. Their massive success has become relevant to a change in perspective in regards to the necessary connection between a college degree and a successful career. However, people have come to think that there is no need for personal education outside of college and believe that personal improvement and skills development has nothing to do with success. I guess, one just needs to get lucky then.

Make no mistake; having a college degree has numerous benefits in regards to employment and career success. The earning gap between those of higher and lower education is still wide. However, for people who are willing to learn, just outside the constraints of college, there is definitely a possibility for a successful career without a degree. There is great a number of high paying jobs that do not require college degrees. Therefore, the short answer to this article’s topic is: yes, it is possible to have a successful career without a college degree. How is it possible? Keep on reading to find out.

Lifelong Learning

Sure, you may not have a college degree, but here’s what you should have; books. Reading and constant learning is one of the most important things for people who want to build a successful career without a college degree. Just because you’re not attending college, doesn’t mean you’re done with learning and reading. Moreover, the fact that you won’t have a degree should be a motivation in itself to read even more. Successful people are known to be heavy readers, not to mention, fully committed to lifelong learning and constant knowledge building.

For those who want to have a successful career without a college degree, books should be the main reliance. Books should also be the main substitution for social media and other endlessly irritating and time-consuming aspects of modern life. Finding great success without having a formal education is definitely doable only through the written words and persistence in constant learning. Only those who build their knowledge will also build their careers, with or without a college degree. According to Forbes, lifelong learning is simply the fundamental key to a successful career and entrepreneurship.

The Mindset of Limitless

In order to get the mindset of limitless, one needs to go through an in-depth self-exploration process, especially people who are not going through college. The mindset of limitless stands for stepping outside one’s predefined box and looking into new perspectives, ideas, and new life-changing choices to find success, according to Addicted2Success. How do we get into the no-limits mindset? Well, the first thing you should do is define what kind of person you are in regards to ‘rules’; whether you’re a rue maker, rule breaker or rule changer. Furthermore, you should realize that the only limit to your success is ‘you,’ and not the fact that you might not have a college degree.

For someone to have the mindset of limitless, it is also essential to be able to stand up when life knocks you down. One should not also let others define them, nor make them feel like others are more important. Not to mention that one should not expect anything from anyone, but themselves. No one is going is going to ask your questions for you. Your friend won’t tell you how to live your life, or give a straightforward answer to a question “is papersowl legit?” because you need to learn how to do your own research. It is also essential to never give up, focus on the primary goal and keep things simple and straightforward. This is how you could create the no-limits mindset that could bring you a successful career but also help you stay true to yourself and your decisions.

The Mindset of a Doer

No matter whether you have a degree or not, hard work in case of success is inevitable. One gets a job not only because of their educational background but also because they can offer a number of useful skills and are extremely keen on working hard for their success. We all know that ‘skills pay the bills.’ Without the appropriate and required set of skills, the book reading and the no-limits mindset won’t get you anywhere. Having the mindset of a doer is a necessary addition to the holy trinity of a successful career; so, your performance at work is the very example of your knowledge and potential that people recognize and appreciate.

We all know stuff some other people don’t know. It is even easy to learn new things nowadays, but imagine that success only relied on knowledge, we would all be billionaires, and there would be no poor. However, because we know stuff doesn’t mean we know how to live it out and substitute it for action. The real deal is in being a doer, taking action and working hard for the success you deserve.

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