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Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan Says Trump Gave Two Shining Examples On Why Walls Work During Speech

Former acting ICE director Tom Homan said President Donald Trump provided two major examples of border wall successes during his State of The Union address Tuesday, and gave Democrats an immigration ultimatum.

“There’s an ultimatum out there, right? I think we’re going to find out by the 15th what he’s going to do. So either they give him the money for the wall or he declares a national emergency. That’s what I’d like to see” Homan said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

“Because the one thing he said last night that he didn’t say in the Oval Office, which I really appreciated him saying — he gave them examples of why the wall is effective. When he talked about San Diego and El Paso, I was hoping he’d do that during his Oval Office meeting. Because Democrats say the wall’s ineffective. What he did last night, talking about two examples, he clearly showed the American people where that wall has been built it, it resulted in decreased immigration, decreased crime.”

Homan specifically highlighted San Diego and said their border barrier is a strong presence of immigration agents were key factors in stopping the caravan surge at their southern border.

“The wall, if you think about it, if you use San Diego as an example and the caravan surged the border, when they ran on the border — two things stopped that caravan from being in San Diego today. The existing border barrier and the men and women in green,” Homan said.

“And that’s exactly what this president has asked for. More border patrol agents and a barrier. It makes perfect sense. And last night I think he made that case strong. I didn’t hear anything last night that I wasn’t hoping to hear.”

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