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Why is inspection necessary for old pipes?

There are times when it is good and the right thing to go for something new. Changing old things and replacing them with new things is not always bad, more so if there is a strong requirement for it. You may want to get a new dress, a new bed, a new car, a new smartphone, and even your pipes. It can be a good thing to go for new piping also when it has become old. In this article, you will be learning about why you should go for inspection of your old pipes to check if there are any leaks and if you need them to get changed.

You may have the plumbing system of your house installed behind your walls. This will mean that it has been several years since you had even seen it for the last time. A lot of changes can have occurred in this time. There can be clogs, leaks or any other damages which may weaken and even ruin your old pipes. These problems can arise in a more pronounced manner in the event that you do not routinely or timely clean and maintain your pipes. The cleaning of the drains is also a crucial factor especially because of the fact that your chemicals will be wearing out the walling of your pipes. Put together; these issues may go on to create a lot of damage to your plumbing and also increase the number of plumbing problems that you face in your home.

In the event that it has been already some years since the last time when you got the pipes of your home checked and if you are wondering about the stage that they are currently in, then you need to get a professional plumber to check your pipes out as quickly as you can.

  1. Damages from wears and tears through the years: People use different types of plumbing systems in some way or the other daily. Every time you go to the kitchen and wash your dishes, or take showers in the bathroom, it is the piping system that gets involved, and debris is flushed out through them. Because of the fact that you are unable to see them, so you will not realize the degree of damages that your pipes are suffering. Some common reasons for this include:
  1. Building up of debris: Objects like hair, scraps of food, soap scum are some of the things which easily get stuck in pipes and then create obstructions. When you have these things blocking the pipes, then there will be a lot of clogging problems, and this will lead to bad odors emanating from the pipes.
  1. Roots of trees: Tree roots get drawn towards sewer lines mostly because they have water, oxygen and other nutrients that are required by trees and plants to grow. It is for this reason that trees may cause plenty of damage to pipes like contaminating water, giving cracks and so on. Plumbing systems are underground and hence can get easily damaged by tree roots which can break the pipes and create a backup of sewers.
  1. Damage from earthquakes: In the event that you stay in an area which has a lot of earthquakes then you will have more reasons for protecting your pipes. The changes in the grounds will create a lot of damage in your pipes which may even get crushed and bent.

The main problems arise because of the simple inability of people to check for problems if they are present. Because pipes remain underground, so people tend to assume that all the things are working properly, you should hire professional plumbers for checking and inspecting your pipes to see if there are any hidden spots where damages have occurred as they will have all the proper equipment for checking the pipes.

  1. Some homes use old materials in their plumbing:

Some homes were built in the 1970s and 80s which have some plumbing materials that have become obsolete now and are no longer in use. There are also government rules which prohibit the use of some materials because they are a hindrance to the safety rules and can create problems in plumbing. Inspecting these materials and replacing things wherever necessary is going to help your plumbing system a lot. You need to check if you have the following materials in your pipes because they are outdated and unsafe:

  1. Lead piping: One of the most widely used metals that are used for piping is lead, and it is used extensively in sewers and main lines for passing water. But you need to know that lead is very toxic and contact to it can create problems in joints and the intestines, this can lead to irritability, loss of memory and also plenty of problems in the physical development of your child. So, you need to replace your lead piping if you have it in your plumbing system.
  1. Galvanized pipes: these pipes get made with iron and are then given a coat of zinc. Such pipes will last for a lot of years but the zinc will erode with time, and this can make the pipes become clogged and get rusty.
  1. Polybutylene pipes: these pipes were earlier used instead of the copper pipes. But it has been found to be really defective, and hence, you need to get them replaced as quickly as you can.

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In the event that you are unsure of how old your pipes are then it will do you a lot of good to hire the services of a good plumber and do a thorough check-up of the pipes. It will help you to identify and then replace all the materials which need to get repaired. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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