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Types of Parasomnias You Need to Know

It has been observed that numerous people go through unusual sleeping behavior or experiences when they are sleeping. This condition is nothing but Parasomnia. Parasomnias are basically the collection of diverse sleep disorders, which are normally characterized by various abnormal events and actions, which occurs when an individual is sleeping. You need to know as to how the various conditions that include talking, sleepwalking, sleep terrors, or eating, are known to affect both the others as well as your children.

What are parasomnias?

Collectively, Parasomnia can include numerous undesirable movements, emotions, behaviors, dreams, or perceptions. Parasomnias are known to involve semi-purposeful, goal-directed, as well as unconscious behavior, which is known to have a certain level of importance to those individuals, who are experiencing them. These conditions are known to occur in association with the sleeping patterns.

Given below is a list of the common occurrences, which are categorized as the condition, known as parasomnias.

Night terrors or sleep terrors

These episodes are responsible for affecting children but can also occur in the adults. These events are known to occur from the slow wave sleep during the first half of the night. The person who is affected can suddenly start screaming, cry in an inconsolable manner, or they can also lash out at other people. They do not remember these episodes after they wake up in the morning. According to, 1.7 to almost 2% of people, are responsible for experiencing sleep-related violent behavior.


This is a simple act, which is associated with walking around when remaining completely or partially asleep. This happens as a result of the fragmented sleeping states, which allows walking around while being conscious or semiconscious. Sleepwalkers can leave their bedroom or even the houses. Many of the children have been located far away from their homes, in the bus stop or in front of a close friend’s residence. It is also possible to engage in various physical activities, while still being asleep.

Sleep eating

Most of the people who are the sleep eaters have primarily started as the sleepwalkers. As soon as eating begins, it is going to become one of the most dominant activities while still sleeping. Sleep eating is responsible for a kitchen mess, gain of excess weight, and most importantly, dangerous and toxic ingestions. Various sleeping pills can increase the risk, which is associated with sleep eating. It can also be triggered by the sleep apnea.

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a common experience of parasomnias. This is known to occur when REM sleep and wakefulness overlap all of a sudden. This kind of paralysis is normally associated with hallucinations. Doctors say that this condition can be associated with narcolepsy, but they are also known to occur in those people who experience sleep fragmentation or sleep deprivation.

Treatments of Parasomnias

With the diverse sleeping patterns and potential behavior of the individuals, it is crucial that safety precautions are observed and recognized. This can involve securing the windows and doors, removing weapons, and various other adjustments. Also, certain important medications can help in improving this condition.


Parasomnias are known to range in sleep stages and behavior. Ensure that you consult with your physician at the earliest if you go through any of these conditions.

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