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The top 3 pros and cons of being a computer programmer

Being a computer programmer requires proper training, passion, and creativity. Through professional training at places such as Simple Programmer and experience over time, you can become a successful programmer. If you are not passionate, and you lack proper training and understanding of how the systems work, you may end up being frustrated and fail to develop your career in computer programming. Other related careers include computer software and hardware engineering, IT project management and training among others. Being a computer programmer has pros and cons. Before you pursue this career, it is a good idea to understand its pros and cons.

Here are the top 3 pros and cons of being a computer programmer:

  1. Multiple career options

Computer programming is the basis of many IT-related careers. You may pursue any technology related career if you already have basic programming skills. Most computer programmers get opportunities to pursue other interests in technology through online platforms. Computer programming is a good career for people who want to develop their careers fast. With lots of creativity, there is no limit to career advancement for computer programmers.

  1. Rewarding career

Research shows that most computer programmers’ salaries range from sixty thousand dollars upwards. There is a lot of demand for their services, hence the attractive pay packages. Reviews also show that computer programmers’ standards of living are high because of their income. People who enjoy a good life and luxuries should pursue this career.

  1. Job satisfaction

The leading cause of most health problems is a lack of satisfaction in one’s career, family or even achievements. Computer programming ensures that you exploit your talent and creativity to meet the market demand. With the high pay and flexible working conditions, you will get job satisfaction.

On the other hand, there are a few cons of being a computer programmer. These are:

  1. Fast paced

Computer programming is technology driven. Technology keeps changing and you must be willing to learn fast. You will also need to keep up to date with technological development and the current trends in the IT field.

  1. Health problems

Too much exposure to computers can lead to long-term health problems. You will spend a lot of time sitting and typing on the keyboard. This can lead to wrist, eye and back pains. Computer programming also involves a lot of research and implementation on various programs. If not careful, such a demanding career can cause stress, which leads to health complications.

  1. Initial investment

Training on computer programming requires a lot of money. You may also require some money to buy hardware and other essentials if you are in private practice. Computer programmers may also need to travel frequently to various destinations to serve clients. Such initial investment may be costly to new programmers, but with time, and since the job pays well, such costs become affordable.

Computer programming is a favorite career for many young people. With proper guidance and training, you will also become a good programmer. Your passion and determination will help you to develop the career even further after basic training.

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