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San Diego Plumber Home Services – Tips on Preventing Plumbing Disasters

Plumbers can be expensive, and nevertheless sometimes necessary, but often times, you can prevent the need for ever having to contact an Ace Contractors plumber to make repairs by following some of the tips in this article. Everyone gets clogged or slow drains throughout their homes, burst pipes (due to extreme heat or cold), and has plumbing issues with toiletry as well. But it doesn’t mean that it HAS to happen. In order to avoid having to plumber as often, you can try the following:

  1. Should I Flush This?
    Toilet paper is designed to break down properly in toilet systems. Anything else, such as wet wipes, feminine products, and paper napkins can cause a clog over time, and won’t break down as well. They can even clog as far down as your sewer line towards the end and you won’t know it until everything backs up in your face. Avoid this by only allowing bodily fluids and waste, and toilet paper (in small amounts at a time for the paper) to go down your toilet drain.
  2. Are Self Cleaning Toilet Tablets Safe?
    While special tablets can help clean your toilet without you needing to use your hands, they can actually be potentially harmful for your pipes. The cleaners often reside in the pipes and can cause imperfections, making them susceptible to leaking or busting over time. So suck it up, and use only liquid cleaners with a toilet brush and wash cloth to clean your toilet, as the chemicals not only help break down drain clogs often, but they don’t stay in your pipes as long.
  3. Keep Your Kitchen Pipes Clean
    Many people constantly both knowingly and ignorantly allow food to go down into their kitchen drains, or they put too much food into a garbage disposal at once (sometimes even too large or too small, such as potatoes and coffee grounds), which cause numerous clogs and problems. Another common thing disposed of in sinks is grease. Don’t believe the myths that running hot water with the grease will keep your drains or sewer from backing up or clogging.
  4. Check Appliance or Faucet Hoses Regularly

Faucets, hoses, and seals leak over time as they get worn down. Many of them are just made of rubber. Therefore, it’s important that at least every couple months, you check your hoses and connections to ensure that they are not leaking. Even a constant drip could cause numerous problems with your water bill.

  1. Quit Hanging Stuff On Me!

It’s not uncommon to see pipes that are exposed inside the home (or basement/laundry area), and many people think they can hang things on them. Stop doing this. This actually hurts your pipes, causing them to bend and get weaker over time.

  1. Keep Your Heat On During Winter Months

As winter arrives, your pipes are susceptible to getting damaged or freezing, then busting when they thaw out. If you need to be away from home, keep your heater on. It doesn’t have to be on full blast, but as long as it’s on low, you should have no frozen pipes, or keep them minimal at least.

  1. Know Where the Main Is!

Many people don’t even know where their water main shutoff valve is underneath, or outside their home. Some of them are more accessible and easier to get to, but nevertheless, you should always know where it is so that should you have a bust or leak, you can shut it off to repair the problem.

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