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Last Year’s Most Popular Travel Destinations

No matter what you prefer to see when travelling, breath-taking views, visiting museums or other cultural attractions, there is something to fit everybody’s cup of tea. And according to multiple establishments in the accommodation industry, there are certain destinations all around the world that perform better in sales and visitors than others do. Below we have a short list of last year’s most popular travel destinations.

The Rainbow Mountains, Cusco, Peru

Hiking the Rainbow Mountains has become a worldwide activity last year since so many people adventured to witness themselves the amazing views and landscapes offered by this particular place. The walk to and from the mountain is a day-long journey, time in which you will be able to witness the splendour that nature has been able to create. With layers of soil in different colours, created by the different types of minerals found here, the mountains won the hearts of so many travellers last year.

On the route, you will pass through a series of local villages, all charming and all heart-warming.


Get your Singapore tourist visa and hop on a plane, as this destination was highly preferred by travellers all around the world, last year. A paradise for foodies, heaven for culture lovers and a city filled with natural sanctuaries, the destination certainly has something for all preferences. For thrill lovers, you can hop on a cable car and visit Sentosa. You could also consider visiting the night safari at Singapore’s first nocturnal zoo, which hosts up to 2,500 animals from 130 species.

The art and culture tapestry is also rich, Singapore brings the home of numerous museums. The Singapore Art Museum, the National Museum of Singapore and the National Gallery of Singapore, these all have something amazing to offer, culture and art-wise.

Bali, Indonesia

Filled with white sandy beaches, travellers prefer this destination due to the vast amount of activities available here, throughout the year. From snorkelling to enjoying the coral reefs and visiting the sacred monkey forest, you will always find a new way to entertain yourself while in Bali.

The Czech Republic

Due to its large number of romantic castles, the Czech Republic quickly made its way through tourists’ preferences. Each town is captivating and intricate, but Prague is by far the most visited city in this country. The cobbled streets make the delight of foreign visitors and the Charles Bridge is surely one of those emblematic sights that you have to see to fully understand its charm. Start your Czech adventure from Prague and you will definitely have a great experience, overall.

Make sure to put all the destinations above on your travel bucket list. These are destinations that you have to see at least once in your lifetime. They open new opportunities and horizons and they are just too impressive to try to transpose into words. But before jumping on a plane, make sure to carefully plan your whole vacation, for a great experience.

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