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How to Care for your new Mattress: Ways you can make your Mattress last

From simple actions such as cleaning or dusting, a little maintenance can go a long way in keeping your mattress in good shape for years. Once you have invested in a good mattress you can only hope for it to last long enough to get value for your money.

The average mattress is designed to last for 8-10 years, however, the care and attention you commit to the mattress can lengthen or shorten the mattress’ life span. Both mental and physical health heavily relies on the quality of sleep you get and in the long run a better mattress means better overall health. Depending on the type of mattress you use, here are some of the rules on how to elongate your mattress’ life span. 

Support the Mattress Properly

While sellers do not often offer the matching box or springs with the sale of a mattress, it’s essential to make sure that the mattress has the right support before you sleep on it. Unnecessary creases and folding might creep in and slowly wear out the mattress.

Whenever possible, check with the manufacturer the recommendations on the type of support suitable for the mattress and warranty policy. For instance, spring mattresses should be coupled with spring support while memory foam mattresses are better off coupled with solid or firm supports. It’s recommended you check the mattress support annually to ensure there are no broken springs or slats.

Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors have a wide range of benefits, from protecting the mattress from spills to keeping dander’s and sweat off your mattress, it keeps your bed cozy and clean. Right from the beginning, a mattress protector should be a priority. A high-quality mattress protector should be waterproof, protect the mattress against dust mites and debris, and feel just comfortable as a bedsheet.

Washing the bed linens regularly

Every night you shed skin and hair, rub oil and sweat when you sleep. Pets can also leave behind a trail of fur. This alongside the meals you sneak into the bed can build up a lot of dirt on the linens. In addition to this mess, the multiplying breeding bacteria can harbor dust mites. Ideally, after every week or two, the bedsheets and blankets should be washed. Even when using the protector, it’s crucial to clean the bed linens as often as possible.

Flip the mattress

It’s been said countless times all for a good reason. You should rotate your mattress regularly, no matter the size or material. Despite some manufacturers claiming that their mattresses do not require rotating, rotating prevents wear and keeps depressions and softness uniform. Every so often, say 2-6 months, rotate the mattress from head to toe. This is especially important when you are breaking the mattress for the first few years.

Keeping the critters off

It’s hard to keep tabs of critters that get into your bed. Bedbugs, for instance, are one of the fastest ways of ruining a mattress. There are some measures you can take to avoid bring these critters into your bed. When you sleep over at a new location, keep your luggage from potential bedbug hot spots such as the floor. In areas where bedbugs are dominant, try using bedbug-proof encasements.

Unlike mattress protectors, these encasements come with zippers that fully cover the mattress on all sides. Pets can drag in anything into the bed, have a separate bed for them. 


There are other measures you can take to keep your new mattress functional for years to come. Some of the best methods are free and natural such as hanging up your beddings in the sun and being responsible with how you handle your mattress, for instance jumping on your bed or carefully storing it are sometimes overlooked yet help in retaining your mattress’ value. If you want to start off on a clean page by getting a new mattress, check out Leesa coupon code and get a better mattress for a pocket-friendly price.

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