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Honesty And True Context Is Important To Obtain Partner Visas

When you want to get a partner visa you will have to make sure that all the information, document and evidence that you provide to the immigration department is true to your best of beliefs. Honesty plays a very important role in determining how soon or whether at all you will receive the visa. Apart from that, context is also very important for this purpose.

If you meet any migration agent you will see how focused and stressed they are regarding these two factors. At any stage of the visa process if it is found that you have made false claims it will not only debar you from the current but also from making any more applications in the future.

Need for honesty

Dishonesty will also pose significant problems to the agents as well because all these factors will undermine the character assessment process. The honesty and complete information clause is specifically vital when it comes to ‘Form 80’ which is the identity and character assessment form in several different ways such as:

  • If you furnish any untrue facts and information regarding who you are, you will be debarred from applying for the same in the following ten years.

  • Subsequently, if you provide any false information about any other thing required, you may be banned from making any application in the coming three years.

Remember, the immigration requires you to disclose even the smallest of things such as a charge for drunken driving that you may have received two decades back when you were 18 years old. If you fail to do so and are caught during the investigation process, it will jeopardize your entire application for a partner visa.

Reference to the context

It is therefore prudent to talk to a reliable and reputable migration agent who is expert in Partner & Spouse Visas and knows all the requirements of the immigration department. There are several benefits to it such as:

  • This will ensure that you meet with all the requirements as well as provide every detail and evidence with visa application that is in accordance with the context.

  • You will need to make sure that you do not over-emphasize any information and the migration agent will see to it to make sure you are candid and forthright.

You must know that if you over-emphasize or over-explain any issue no matter how minor it is, it will raise the concerns of the immigration department. Remember, everyone has their tiffs in a relationship but that does not necessary have to mean a breakup.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you must keep on adding evidence as your application sits in the queue, which is bound to happen with so many applications made annually, with the department.

Updating your information continually is another mark of honesty. Such updated information includes Christmas photos or joint travel documents. These documents will send a very stout message to the officer handling your case about your care regarding the relationship as well as your partner visa application.

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