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Guide to Commercial Refrigerators & Upright Display Freezers

When looking into commercial refrigerators there are many factors that need to be brought to one’s attention. Commercial refrigeration comes in different sizes and styles that can meet a variety of needs from bakeries, to grocery, to bars, and for home uses. This guide will help with learning about different types of commercial refrigeration units. In the end, you will have a better understanding of what may be needed for your own space.

Types of Refrigeration units

The first type is the reach-in refrigeration unit. This unit is used in nearly all commercial kitchens; from delis to fast food to the small mom and pop restaurants. These units come with up to three sections and although usually have solid doors glass is an option. They maintain safe temperatures and are meant to be opened frequently.

The second refrigeration unit is the merchandisers. This commercial unit is meant to be used in front house operations. Made with glass doors for ease of product choice, most have self-closing doors. These units usually have bottom refrigeration units which make it easier for cleaning and servicing.

Third in the commercial refrigeration systems is the prep tables. These refrigeration systems are made like cabinetry with a flat surface on top that opens up to house the storage area of cooled goods. These units make it easier to access fresh cold products such as vegetables and sliced meats for salads and sandwiches.

Fourth in the guide on commercial refrigeration is the deli case. These are glass covered cases for customers to choose products from. These units come in cold storage as well as other temperatures. They are more commonly seen in bakeries, and delis and grocery stores. The options for these are most commonly seen as curved glass, but there are straight glass and countertop units as well.

Milk coolers make for the fifth of commercial refrigeration; these are commonly found in cafeteria settings. These keep the milk crates and cartons. Some of these only have lids while others have doors on the side as well as sliding doors.

Ice cream freezers make for number six on the guide. Ice cream freezers come in a few different varieties. You have the sliding glass top that you may find in gas stations or the round dome glass which you may find at a frozen treat stop. The round dome glass is used to help customers choose which flavors they want a dip of.

A few others include the walk-in cooler which is where most places that have food products store their bulk product. Under counter units found in some kitchens for extra storage. Back bar coolers which store cold wines and bottles for patrons who prefer the bottle over tap. Draft beer systems which help keep kegs nice and chilled on tap. These units are all great for commercial uses.


Commercial refrigeration units from have many types and uses. Knowing your business plan and the product you will be selling has a great deal in what type of commercial refrigeration will be needed. Many places have a few of these commercial units of different types for their business. Many places will have a walk-in cooler along with kitchen refrigeration units as well as bar refrigeration.

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