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Google’s next big investment? The Big Apple

Liberal-fronted Google isn’t even trying to hide their preference for coastal elites over real people anymore. This week, the company, which is based in Mountain View, California where the cost of living is one of the highest in the country, announced their plans to invest $1 billion in one of their other coastal offices: New York.

More than 7,000 employees already work at Google’s East Coast headquarters. The company expects to double that number as part of the expansion.

Liberals love to squawk about the need to invest in infrastructure in the middle of the country, but then when they’ve got 7,000 jobs to hand out, they head right to the coasts.

Frankly, we’re suspicious of the fact that Google even has $1 billion to spend, considering they’re in the middle of a battle with the House of Representatives over claims that their search engine has been silencing the voices of conservatives.

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