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Facts you might not know about Singapore

Singapore is one of the few city states around the world that is formed of an archipelago. Contrary to the general belief, Singapore is not just one island, but it is surrounded by many little islands (62 to be more specific) that you can travel to by boat. There are many facts about this city that many people don’t know, but are impossible to forget. What people seek when they go there on a vacation are the majestic buildings, the picturesque sights and the beautiful sky that blends with nature perfectly, but it’s so much more than that.

The lion might have been a tiger

The legends say that the name of this city state was given by the Sumatran prince Sang Nila Utama who found shelter on the main island after a storm. It is said that while he was hunting, he saw a lion, or so his advisors believed after he described the animal. In reality, there are no recordings of lions inhabiting the island. However, until the 1930’s tigers could be found in the wild. So, the animal that inspired the name of the city might have been a tiger, not a lion.

The language they speak is “Singlish”

The locals use a combination of slang with a Singaporean origin and the usual English and it is one of the most amazing things about this language. It is a gathering of funny catchphrases and jargon that came from the multicultural mix in this city. The interesting thing is that they refer to strangers (usually older than them) as “aunties” and “uncles” as a form of respect. They also use interjections like “leh” or “lah” in their conversations, those being part of their initial language. “Chope” is another Singaporean slang word meaning to reserve a seat.

Unusual nightlife

When you prepare for your visit in this city state with a Singapore visa, plain tickets and your luggage, you should also prepare for the amazing nightlife. This is the first country with a zoo open during night and the first one to organise F1 night races. The zoo is called Night Safari and it was opened in 1994 with more than 1000 animals. The F1 night races started in 2008 during the Grand Prix Season Singapore and by now there were 10 editions. It is held on Marina Bay street which has a total of 23 corners and curves and this is more than any other F1 circuit ever had.

As green as it can be

Singapore is one of the most natural and greenest cities in the world (more than half of its area is covered by vegetation. There are many parks reservations and gardens, but also patches of undiscovered virgin wild forests. Besides that, the Singapore Botanical Garden is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site starting from 2015, but it is actually 150 years old (older than the modern city). Moreover, this is a land of waterfalls made by the hand of man with the tallest indoor waterfall (35 meters).

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