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Are You Safe When Looking for College Paper Writing Service?

A single Google search with the term “writing service” will launch thousands of pages in the results. Most of the links will lead to a college paper writing service. It’s difficult for one to locate a general article writing or SEO agency under this keyword. That’s because the needs of the blogging and article writing industry are covered through freelancing platforms, where the clients can easily hire freelance writers for their needs.

For a student, things are a bit more complicated. It is too risky for them to hire freelance writers, especially for complex projects, such as research papers, case studies, and dissertations. Freelancing platforms are flooded with ESL writers, who don’t have proper understanding and practice of the English language. Their content might be fine for low-graded websites that only need more words and keywords on their pages. A professor would grade it miserably.

That’s the biggest reason why an average student opts to get their essay paper from a dedicated service. They get guarantees for good results, and they get their papers written by native English writers with postgraduate degrees in the adequate area of study.

College Paper Writing Services Make Things Easy for Students

How much does an essay cost? If the student writes this essay without any help from the outside, it will only cost their time… and possibly nerves. On an average, students complete essay assignments within three days. They conduct some research and make an outline, write the paper, and edit it before handing it over for evaluation.

A reputable online essay writing service will charge around $19.99 for a single page of academic content. If the deadline is shorter than ten days, the price will be higher. Most writing agencies offer discounts for first and returning orders, but that doesn’t neglect the fact that students are expected to pay at least $50 for an essay of average length (around 800 words).

Still, in many situations, it’s easier for students to pay that money than to work on the paper themselves. There are many reasons behind that fact. However, it all boils down to the failure of the educational system to prepare the students for the assignments it requests.

Students, especially freshmen, have to complete a pile of papers they encounter for the first time. The essays they completed in high-school were mostly personal. Those assignments required them to express opinions. College essays are different. They require the student to conduct serious research through academic and scientific resources. They have to expose unique arguments and support them with facts. The format of the essay is also very different.

No one even teaches students how to write a thesis statement. They are dependent on online guides and simple instructions from their professors, which often lack the detail that students need.

That’s why most students fail to complete good essays. That’s why the offer of a writing service is attractive to them. They simply go online, place an order with their instructions, and receive a custom-crafted essay in return.

But Are These Services Safe?

That’s the big question.

There are few important risks related to purchasing papers online:

  • There is a possibility for a student to get plagiarized content. Most students don’t subscribe to premium plagiarism detection services, so they cannot make sure the content is 100% unique. If the professor detects any plagiarized content in the essay, the student will be in a problematic situation.

  • The company might deliver the same paper to several of its customers. Some of those customers may have published the same content online. In that case, the student gets in trouble for submitting a 100% plagiarized essay.

  • The formatting may not be proper. If the writer is not aware of the rules of different citation standards, they won’t implement them in the references.

  • The student might not get the paper on time. If the deadline is not being respected, they basically pay for content they won’t be able to use.

As with any other type of online service, there are risks and dangers related to writing agencies. However, there are also reputable websites with a well-established base of returning customers. At those websites, the students solely get 100% unique content; and they are protected with guarantees for timely delivery, free revisions, and constant customer support.

The safety issue has two sides. It all depends on the individual service that the student hires. Reading reviews and checking a website’s reputation before placing an order is a must.

However, even with the safest website out there, the moral issue still stands. Should students be ordering papers online? In the ideal situation, every student would have enough time and experience to complete all assignments they get. In reality, that’s not the case. Custom writing services are not the problem. They are simply a logical response to a problem, which lies deep within the educational system. If colleges are practically forcing students to buy essays online, that’s the rotten root that we must address.

Lucy Benton is a writing coach, an essay writer who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger. She is constantly looking for the ways to improve her skills and expertise. Also Lucy has her own blog Essay Review where you can check her last publications.

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