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Signs Of The Times – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Illegal immigrants cost US taxpayers $116 billion per year. President Trump wants Congress to approve $5 billion to begin wall construction on our southern border.

The total cost of the wall may reach $25 billion. What a bargain! One would think Congress would jump at the chance to discourage more illegals from pouring in, thus saving many more billions of dollars. It will also save lives. A wall will also help to thwart MS13 gang members, criminals, and terrorists who are currently invading our country at will.

Alas, too many Democrats have Trump Derangement Syndrome. They’re happy to let our country be destroyed in order to make Trump look bad. They want more illegals coming in and voting for Democrats, globalism, and socialism.

Our president wants to protect US citizens. After all, that’s his job. The US military protects citizens and borders all around the world. We’re sending $38 billion to Israel to help them better protect themselves. They have a wall and it works. Why can’t we protect our own borders with such a wall? At the very least, we can bring our troops home and put them to work protecting our own borders.

Pelosi and Schumer want the globalist Deep State Swamp protected—not us common citizens. Doesn’t that make them traitors? The Democrats would rather shut down the government than fund a much-needed wall.

Fine. Let it stay shut down.

—Ben Garrison

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