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How Essay Writing Tasks Affect the Development of Students’ Creative Thinking

Every school day is another opportunity to improve skills and learn something new. And, for studentы who are still struggling to find their muse in the creative world of literary composition, crafting a top-notch paper can be painstakingly difficult. Skills that go into writing a story, for example, range from being able to think outside the box, ability to imagine a non-existent world to analyzing situations before putting everything into context and a flowing plot. In all these, one of the most important questions every student must ask is whether doing essays is going to develop their creative thinking abilities or not.

This post explores this subject in details, but, before we go any further, let’s look at some of the reasons why students partake in crafting academic papers.

It is an indispensable creative art

It is unfathomable to think about a school where no creative writing techniques involved. Even at home, assignments involve a lot of creative skills at a deeper level than reading. Thus, the following reasons explain why it will continue to be part of academics:

  • Note-taking is a skill that involves putting words to paper in shorthand. Essentially, this is writing per se.

  • Students at any level of schooling do assignments almost on a daily basis, and literary composition remains foundational.

  • Essay composition is all about putting pen to paper, albeit, creatively and imaginatively.

  • Unless an exam tests oral skills, most of the times students must use ink and paper to answer questions.

  • Reports, book reviews, movie reviews and general essay types involve putting to test, one’s skill of writing.

Creative Thinking and writing: What is the link?

No one would have believed there is a strong link between crafting stories and creative thinking unless they came across a post like this one. For beginners, it is the fun of being able to imagine wonderlands and putting them in a plot that makes writing interesting. However, it goes beyond that if you become a bit explorative. You may want to pay for an essay online so you can read between the lines, a write-up by a professional, or even ask your teacher for a sample, and that’s okay.

Idea generation

A creative breakthrough in all aspects of life would be the beginning of success, and it all starts way back at school with essay writing. When a student imagines a situation, puts it down on a paper in a moving narrative, they move closer to being an excellent idea generator and innovator. Being able to build a climax through twists and turns is a recipe for becoming a creative thinker who can come up with revolutionary ideas in the real world.

Acquisition of problem-solving skills

Education is said to be a key to a bright future, but, it would be an incomplete assertion without factoring in students’ daily school activities with writing being one of them. A writer who is capable of crafting thought-provoking essays is bound to cultivate exceptional problem-solving skills. Think about a situation where a college student comes up with a difficult situation in a narrative, then through imagination, develops a solution that resolves conflicts surrounding the main character. The mere fact that he or she can come with such scenes in writing often translates to effective creative thinking harnessed through continues essay tasks.


Being original is important. Take, for example, a case where a student is tasked to craft an essay about the causes of the Cold War. While you may want to go straight into the details, a twist may help make your story more enchanting. Instead, you can start by giving some stats such as job losses then lead the reader to a powerful introduction summing up everything. The catch here is that different types of creative writing improve thinking abilities of students in many different ways.


In the end, it is always about understanding the foundational reasons why students must keep writing essays. It is not only going to make you a productive and skilled employee or an entrepreneur when it comes to presenting company reports, but also a creative thinker who analyzes situations before suggesting impactful solutions.

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