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Best Body Fat Percentage Scale Review – What Do They Do?

Technology has evolved a lot over the last few decades. The appliances and gadgets that were used by your father are no longer there in the market. They have probably been replaced by better and improved ones that work faster. One such example is your bathroom scale. There was a time when these scales were used just to measure your body weight. However, how much of that weight comprises of fat and how much is pure muscle, was something that was left for you to guess. In this modern era, the bathroom scales that are used, will tell you more than your body weight. These also tell you the percentage of the weight that is due to fat, muscles, and bones.

What Actually Is A Body Fat Scale?

A body fat scale is an advanced version of an ordinary bathroom scale that was used in the yesteryears. This device uses a special technology to give you accurate data pertaining to your body. This is known as bioelectrical impedance analysis. In this technology, the scale sends out a harmless current through your body starting from one of your feet. The current goes up your body on foot and comes out from the other foot. As compared to muscles, fat is a poor conductor of electricity. As a result of this it resists the current sent out by the scale. The more this resistance is, the greater will be your fat content in your body.

Common Features Found In Body Fat Scales

Most of the body fat scales that are available on the market come with several features and accuracies. Although you may not feel the need of using most of these features, they are they just in case you feel like experimenting with the machine. Some of the common features found in body fat scales are discussed below.

  • Multiple User Memory: When it comes to body fat scale, it is natural that all the members in your family will use it. In these modern times, you may not be able to remember your previous reading due to several crucial things that you need to keep in your mind. Thus, these scales come with multiple user memory. Depending upon the model, a body fat scale can easily remember the reading of 2 to 8 different users so that you can refer to the past reading to compare your fitness progress.

  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connectivity: Body fat scales are quite smart compared to the bathroom scales that were used in the past. One of the features that makes it smart is its Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. As a result of this, you can easily sync your scale with your smartphone or computer and transfer all your data for future reference.

  • Bone and Water Weight: There are some body fat scales that come with water and bone weight readings. As a result of this feature, the scale can also tell you the percentage of bone and water weight that comprises your total body weight. This will give you a complete picture of your body.

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