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Top three apps for Android TV box

Welcome to the era of Smart TV watching experience. Today, people have shifted from YouTube viewing from their desktops and laptops to their small Smartphone or phablet screens to watch TV. And with the advent of the Android TV Box, today people can select from a wide range of streaming apps. These apps use Android as their OS. It means you can browse through the Google Play app store and download the same.

Three best apps for the Android TV Box

Are you wondering which android streaming app to opt in for? If yes, discussed below are the three famous and best apps for your Android TV Box.

  1. The Kodi (XMBC) – Media Centre

Most people would categorize Kodi as one of the must-have apps. It is undoubtedly one of the leading-edge apps. Generally, it is pre-installed. It is an open-source and free media player software and enables users to stream all kinds of media files, which includes documentaries, videos, TV series, sports streams, various TV channels and also interesting internet videos. The app also comes with a series of podcasts and a vast music library as well.

If you want to enjoy this app to the full extent, you must install the easy and free Kodi addons. You can opt-in for the video add-ons to watch your favorite TV series and movies and many more. Users also can upload an IPTV list adding the best TV channels and let Kodi stream the same.

  1. Popcorn Time

You can get this app as BitTorrent client free software. If you are searching for a free alternative to Netflix, this is a great choice. Popcorn Time is simple and easy to use. Here you can watch several television series and movies. You also have the option to select the genre of the content you want to watch and use filters based on favorite shows, trending shows and the like. Once you choose a TV series and a movie, you can read the summary, see the trailer and check the ratings. You can also select the video quality, i.e., view the video in 480p, 720p as well as 1080p including the preferred subtitles.

The moment you opt-in to play a video, a small amount starts downloading. And the remaining gets downloaded gradually. Using this app is much easier than going through the trouble to find the best free VPN for Netflix.

  1. TV Player

When you have it, there’s no requirement for a Freeview box or a TV service to view the UK Freeview channels. You have plenty of choices to watch television. One of the most consistent options is the TV players where you can stream the Freeview TV channels and much more. It is free and legal. Some of the popular TV channels that you can stream here include BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC Red, ITV, Channel 5, Viva and many more.

There are plenty of apps for it. If you don’t know where to start, you can use these three apps discussed above as your reference point. And later on, when you become savvy with these apps, you can check-out and use others as well.

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