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Top Roofing Materials – Salient Features to Consider

The roof of the house is what makes the home feel comfortable and cozy along with making it look attractive. The trend today is changing at a quick pace from people using conventional roofing materials to sustainable or green materials. Now the question is what a sustainable roof is? Defined merely, a green roof means the material used is aesthetically appealing, durable and above all eco-friendly which can be used effectively as the best alternative when it comes to a home’s roofing material. It is aimed to offer a sustainable and comfortable living during times of increasing waste and pollution.

A Close Look at Sustainable Roofing Solutions

To help you understand about sustainable roofing here are the popular roofing material types which are in high demand these days the world over.

  • Clay Tiles- Terracotta or clay tiles are popular for its 2 key characteristics- efficiently waterproof and extremely durable. Though it is expensive and, heavy clay tiles are trendy and offer the home a Mediterranean look.

  • Recycled Material- Such roofing materials are created from plastic or recycled rubber and molded in a shape that resembles shakes or natural wooden slate. This material is durable in nature as well as quite efficient.

  • Fiber Cement- Though fiber cement roofing in most manners resembles slate, but it is comparatively lightweight. Fiber cement is made out from a mix comprising of special cellulose fiber and Portland cement. The best part it is weather resistant and fire-retardant.

  • Concrete Tiles– Such tiles are created from Portland cement. Owing to its durability, it has become extremely popular. Its weight is comparatively heavier so while designing the house one needs to consider this factor.

  • Asphalt Shingles- Though this material is not much comfortable nor can efficiently protect the roof from the weather conditions, but has managed to gain recognition for its cost-effectiveness.

  • Wood Shakes- It is no doubt attractive and can provide the home’s roof with an opulent look adding to the appeal on the exterior. In most cases wooden shakes are made of cedar.

  • Slate- Slate along with being remarkably durable it also appears extremely beautiful. The heavier weight and the expense, however, are noteworthy factors that you need to consider before choosing it.

  • Metal- Although under the scale of eco-friendliness it ranks low but roofs made of metal will last longer and also appear attractive. These days recycled content is mixed significantly in roofs made of metal which means you can recycle it. Explore more about roofing materials at

The idea is to choose one that best suits one’s needs.

Pointers to Consider for Choosing the Best Roofing Material

With these many roofing materials available in the market you are quite likely to get confused. Relax consider these pointers that will help you make the best bet,

  • Complement the Home- The roof is a highly noticeable feature of a home which stands out. So, selecting a material which perfectly blends with the remaining of the abode is critical. Everything from the style, texture, and color of the material must be taken into consideration as this will help one in choosing a roofing material which will work just perfect with their home’s architecture and color. Asphalt shingles will be a good choice as it comes in assorted styles and colors and will look beautiful in traditional homes. In case of a contemporary look, the right decision will be to pick a metal roofing system that is energy-efficient and durable.

  • Consider the Lifespan- While buying a roofing material it is vital to emphasize on the local climate. Besides offering protection to the home, a homeowner will want to get maximum life possible from the roof. Picking an ideal material based on the climate will boost up the roof’s durability manifold. Besides, it is equally vital to consider how long they plan to reside in their present home. If you one plan to move out in a couple of years then selecting an affordable material will be wise. But if not, you can invest in a material of a higher grade to enjoy utmost energy efficiency and long-term protection. Standing seam metal roofs is an excellent choice if your goal is durability because this can last up to 50 years. The next best on the list is a shingle roof that can last for about 30 years or so.

  • Overall Lifecycle Costs- The roof being a significant investment in a house it is vital to consider with regards to longevity. Every expense that is involved in having a roofing system- installation, maintenance, repair, tear off as well as the roof’s disposal during the replacement of a roof is the lifecycle costs. The roofing materials having low lifecycle costs at the upfront may be expensive but over time will cost less because of ease of maintenance and longer lifespans.

  • Style of the Home- The roof of a house is a vital architectural component hence one needs to consider the visual style of their home while selecting a roofing material. A few of the roofing materials such as a clay tile will appear best with a specific architecture while on the contrary, asphalt shingles being highly versatile can complement just any home style.

  • Consider the Trees- There are some materials which serve better than others mainly if trees surround the roof. If there is a possibility that the branches of a tree can fall then you need to pick a roofing material that workers can easily repair. For best results remove or trim the trees which are closest to the roof.

  • Recycled Content- The homeowner needs to make sure that the prospective roofing material contains higher recycled content. Generally, the more the recycled content present in the material automatically, the better will be its rankings under the eco-friendly scale thereby making it more efficient. Besides, durability too must be taken into consideration combined with the recycled material’s percentage. After all this will come down to the roof for both kinds of weather resistant and durable. If the material used can be recycled during the cessation of its lifetime it will then become a far better choice.

  • Maintenance and Weight- It is the weight that is an immensely vital factor while deciding to choose a sustainable roofing material because the structure of the home needs to support it adequately. A roofing material that is too heavy can be fatal for the home’s walls and columns. Besides, heavy roofing material is generally costly to maintain. The roofing material’s durability is a vital component of a roof that is eco-friendly and efficient.

  • Coatings- Do not go for roofing materials which have harmful coatings like copper and zinc. It will eventually wash down with rainwater and prove toxic for the aquatic ecosystem and the environment.

  • Slope- The house roof’s sloping angle will play a pivotal part to decide on the roofing material’s type that one desires to use. Most of the materials are indeed for flat and low-angled roofs while the remaining is ideally suited for a roof that is exceptionally sloped.

  • Reflectivity and Color– The roofing material’s color is vital based on the type of weather and the region. If you reside in a place that has hot climate using a roofing material that has, a light shade will work fine because it will be capable of reflecting off the maximum heat.

  • Warranty- To have a guarantee when it comes to durability will be a smart choice because re-roofing will be a costly affair. So ensure to pick a material that is known for its strength.

  • Aesthetics- A beautiful roof definitely will appeal to one’s lovely home. One needs to make sure that their selection of material along with being efficient and durable is also at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

Importance of Going Green with Roofs

Installing a green roof will be incredibly eco-friendly especially in today’s age of growing pollution. Today’s expert architects are increasingly using clay as a sustainable roofing solution. This material is immensely eco-friendly while its characteristics make it affordable, efficient and make it an excellent material for the roof of a home.

  • Aesthetically Appealing- Tiles made of clay are accessible in different sizes and shapes thereby giving one a wide array of choice for making the home appear its best.

  • Added Durability- These tiles are incredibly durable and excessively lightweight. Along with being easy and affordable to maintain they will last longer as well.

  • Fire Resistant- Clay tiles are constructed at high temperatures. It has a lower heat load compared to conventional roofing materials. Clay tiles are extremely fire resistant.

  • Energy Efficient- The material clay works effectively for repelling sunlight especially when it comes in a lighter shade. Tiles that have a darker hue are useful for capturing the sun’s heat and keeping the home warm. In turn, this will reduce the electricity bill effectively.

So, next time you plan to buy a roofing material for your sweet home consider the aforementioned salient features sincerely and make the most of it.

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