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The Pitfalls of Christmas Sales: What You Should Know

We all look forward to discounts on clothes, shoes, accessories during the holidays. During this period, everyone goes crazy buying up all that is necessary and unnecessary, and not counting their payments through  Let’s find out how to survive the crazy discounts and not end up with an empty wallet or debts in the New Year.

What Pitfalls Are We Talking About?

Nothing costs more than something that’s free, and Christmas sales are not an exception. The so-called Christmas and New Year sales may actually be fiction. Sellers use a universal pre-holiday fever to sell stale goods with a minimum discount.

Seriously, on global sales, dishonest stores like to play with price tags. Price tags are left intact, and the inscriptions SALE are glued to the windows. As a result, things are sold at the same price.

Using the general insanity, such stores can artificially inflate the price, and then cross out the overestimated value and write below the real price. The buyer has the impression that he is making a bargain.

What Else To Pay Attention To?

Goods at a discount and with a regular price can be mixed in stores on the shelves and hangers under the sign of 70% sale. Already at the checkout, it can be found out that the discount applies only to a certain thing, and you have chosen a product at a regular price. It is possible to not even notice such a trick if you buy several things at once. It seems that this is not a crime, but if you are not paying attention, you pay too much.

Therefore, it is worth noting that seasonal sales can sometimes begin at the end of December, but discounts on these days are minimal – up to 10−15%.

How to Buy Clothes During the New Year Sale in Order to Really Save

Winter seasonal sales (including New Year’s) can last up to two months. And at such a marathon distance, it is important to distribute your forces, and most importantly – finances.

So, when discounts reach 20%, you need to buy very necessary or strongly attracted things – especially if they are of salable size or popular style.

The New Year’s sale usually offers discounts mainly for the current collection of autumn-winter and festive capsule collections (evening and cocktail dresses for the New Year party, etc.). Sometimes, together with outerwear from the current collection, they sell a certain amount of coats, jackets left over from last winter. At this time, it is better to buy things that you did not want to buy in the fall for the full price, for example, a warmed demi-season coat, business suits and blouses (if the desired size remained) with a discount of 30-50%.

Tip: the biggest discounts, up to 80% take effect after December 20th.

As a finish (discounts up to 70%), it is worth looking at very expensive offers, and things for every day: underwear, socks, home clothes, tights, etc.

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